Square Enix Confirms Fake-Seeming Final Fantasy XV Trailer Is Indeed Fake

Square Enix Confirms Fake-Seeming Final Fantasy XV Trailer Is Indeed Fake

See, yesterday there was this trailer. A leaked trailer. And not just any leaked trailer… it was a leaked trailer for Final Fantasy XV.

“What??” you may say, knocking over your Cloud Strife action figure in excitement, “There’s a new numbered Final Fantasy game coming out??”

Well, no. The footage in the video was from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which led many to the conclusion that that long-awaited (possibly vaporous) game had been “upgraded” to Final Fantasy XV.

And yet… still, no. Kotaku reached out to ask Square Enix about the whole thing, and a representative told us flat-out, “We can confirm that the trailer is fake.”

So: Not real. False. Fake as a spray-on tan. No Final Fantasy XV for us. At least for now.


  • Versus might as well become XV. It certainly doesn’t look like it has anything to do with the XIII universe anymore. Plus maybe that will increase the chances that it might come out some day… hurr hurr.

  • well i was honestly hoping for this to be true because everything else square has coming out from japan is s**t. hurry up square! it’s been 7 years! FFFUUUUljdsbg’gzd;

  • It would make sense though if Verses got upgraded to XV when you think about it. Because seriously Verses seems like vaporware at the moment sadly

  • Of course it’s fake. They’ve poisoned the FF franchise. They should just stop making them, preserve the name, what’s left of it anyway.

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