Square Enix, Where The Hell Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first unveiled at the E3 gaming expo in 2006. It's now 2011, and the game is not out.

To be fair, Square Enix said in 2006 that it had not yet begun work on the game. But by late 2009, Square Enix was showing gameplay footage of the title. Square Enix would not confirm a 2010 release, and the title obviously wasn't released.

Back in 2009, Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase told Kotaku that the development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII was "comparaitvely faster" than Final Fantasy XIII.

A trailer was shown at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, but the title was M.I.A. at this year's E3 gaming expo. In the latest issue of Japanese game mag Dengeki Playstation, Square Enix Tetsuya Nomura apparently said that the game won't be at this year's Tokyo Game Show. (Though, I'd imagine at the very least there will be a new trailer.)

Though, Nomura did say, "We're deciding when to make more information about Versus available to the public."

Earlier this year, Square Enix did show a new trailer for the game, giving hope that the title is still in production. The Tokyo-based game maker also shot down talk that the game was going multi-platform as former PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII did when it was released on the Xbox 360.

But for now, Final Fantasy Versus XIII exists in trailer form only. And you can't play trailers.



      +1 I know right?

      'ken oath!

        i fully agree FF has had enough for now

    The answer is in the question: Square Enix.

    Should've dumped ffxiii-2, geez

    This game better make a 2012 release and if this game sucks...by god would I have no more hope in their games.

    i really think squeenix have had their day unfortuantely

    After the experience that was FFXIII, I kinda don't care at all whether this ever comes out... Shame, I used to love Final Fantasy.

    And nothing of value was lost.

    Considering how it was supposed to be the companion to FFXIII which was.... divisive at best, maybe it's better being horribly delayed.

    I hope they don't pull a Duke Nukem and take 14 years to make a game that is completely crap.
    But still, who doesn't love FF! AMIRITE!?

    Just remake FF7 first!

      Totally +1. Overdue for an HD update. FFVII era was definitely Square at their peak.

    exactly my question. it damn well better be out before XIII-2

    I doubt it will be out before XIII-2. There's a fine line between releasing the best game possible "when it's done" aka Diablo III, and we don't care anymore.

    When people start not caring, as they now do with versus ... wow.

    The creation of XIII-2 hasn't helped it's development. Most of those who moved from Versus to help on XIII are now back on XIII-2. Hopefully this game will be released early 2013 and XIII-2 will be good enough to tide me over :/

    I bet this is delay because SE is doing a Xbox360 version. Once Xbox360 version is in the final stage of development, they will show more footage and announce Xbox360 at the same time.... Similar to the time of FF XIII...

    The trailer released earlier this year blew my mind. Check it out at GameTrailers if you guys haven't seen it. I wouldn't mind waiting longer if the game is going to end up being as awesome as that trailer.

    At least they still make great trailers, maybe they should just focus on that?

    Plus they've got to reallocate resources for True Crime Hong Kong now as well which they purchased the other day.

    Who cares? Their games suck now, all of this is just hype that way all of the fanboys go on opening day to buy it.

    Square-Enix you aren't fooling anyone.

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