Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Still A PS3 Exclusive... For Now

The most recent issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump features an article on upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The game is supposed to be a PS3 exclusive. The latest V-Jump begs to differ.

Developers Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura, the guy designing it, have repeatedly stressed that this game is PS3 only. Yet, in the latest V-Jump, the game is listed as appearing on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Does this mean that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is confirmed as multi-platform?

After all, Final Fantasy XIII was originally slated as a PS3 exclusive, but after much pulling and prodding, it eventually appeared on the Xbox 360 - even in Japan.

However, this is V-Jump listing the game as for the Xbox 360 and not, you know, Square Enix. According to Kotaku Japan, V-Jump is now saying that this was a "misprint", apologising profusely via Twitter.

"We truly are sorry for this," writes V-Jump. "It's a misprint. We will apologise and run a correction."



    If it ever comes out.

    If it isn't exclusive, it'll just be seen as another betrayal made by SQEX.

    Thank god for that huh? If Square Enix does make FFXIII Versus exclusive, we really need to give them a round of applause. It would have been really easy and sound for them as a corporation for just release shorter versions of the game on multi-platform. But it's too early to say anything, so I'll just sit here knocking on wood.

    looks promising

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