Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Now Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Now Final Fantasy XV

After dropping off the face of the earth for over 1000 years, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been once again shown at E3.

With gameplay.

Only now, it’s become Final Fantasy XV. It’ll be released on PS4.

More info and media to come.


  • I look forward to this, but I wonder, does it still share any mythology from FFXIII or has it scratched that aspect?

    • Doesn’t sound like it. Fabula Nova Crystallis was consist of FF13s. FF13, Agito13(was renamed to type-0) and versus13. Since it has moved up a number I believe it will no longer share the same mythos and will be completely different.

    • Hmm I have a feeling the references might be a bit more tenuous now. Not that I mind, unless there was ever a big potential for crossover, they can just adapt the story to suit.

      I hope to god the battle system is awesome… or I’m so done with FF ever.

    • I really hope they’ve moved away from the FFXIII universe. It wasn’t that interesting even before they stretched out one game into three plus a truckload of DLC.

    • The way it was worded made it sound like “Versus” was the new series whereas “Fabula Nova Crystalis” was the previous series, something near the end where they said a game in the versus world or something to that effect.

      As far as mythology in Final Fantasy as a series (as opposed to FFXIII) Leviathan was definitely the big star of the reveal trailer, the idea of city-states guarding crystals, some political intrigue perhaps (ala FF12). Those points implied by the trailer suggest great things. I want to know more about the combat though, I see what is happening in theory but what I would like to see explained is things that make it appear to be open world like.

  • Square Enix are finally giving Customers what they want, a good FF game and this looks amazing.
    Glad its back to SOny Exclusives for Square Enix again.
    Try and beat that Microsoft.

  • i always thought this storyline was better than FFXIII. i am so pumped for this and Kingdom Hearts 3

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