Gears Of War Designer Shares Lots Of Behind-The-Scenes Details

Gears of War Designer Shares Tons Of Behind-The-Scenes Details

Gears of Wars: Ultimate Edition has folks getting nostalgic. Designer Cliff Bleszinski, who left Epic Games in 2012, used Twitter last night to share behind-the-scenes details about the game. Who knew how much of the series was inspired by the collapse of his first marriage?

You'll want to scroll through Bleszinski's Twitter account to read everything he sent out, but I pulled some of the most interesting bits and compiled them below.


    "Gears of War designer".

    Come on Patrick, pretty sure you could have just gone with Cliffy B or Cliff Bleszinski.

      Who would be familiar with such an obscure and private individual by name though?

        I"m fairly confident Kotaku readers would be somewhat familiar with Cliff.

    If Baird was named for a friend of his who was "kind of a dick", whoever inspired Carmine must have been a real asshole.

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