Here Is A Thing That Happens In The New Tales From The Borderlands Episode

Here Is A Thing That Happens In The New Tales From The Borderlands Episode

Yesterday I talked about a very heavy moment in the latest Tales from the Borderlands episode. Today, I bring you a polka-dotted clown hanky to dry your tears.

(Warning: Tales from the Borderlands episode four spoilers ahead.)

The latest episode is uniformly excellent, juggling drama and comedy in almost equal measure. A few pacing issues and a couple arguments for a slightly smaller cast of characters aside, I adored it. This scene, especially, took me by surprise and had me giggling like a child and/or myself after imagining that I’ve killed every spider. (Context: that’s not actually early series villain Vasquez; that’s main character Rhys disguised as Vasquez.)

Video courtesy of angelssbane.

Yes, that is a Hollywood-calibre action sequence staged with… finger guns. Finger guns are one of the douchey Hyperion corporation’s douchey corporate trademarks — a little greeting among friends, up to this point — but then things become deadly serious. Well, not actually deadly, but for soulless pencil pushing husks, these guys and gals sure can use their imaginations.

Now then, who wants to make an entire first or third-person shooter like this? Or hell, at the very least, can the next Borderlands have a class that mainly uses and upgrades finger guns? That could get really weird really fast.


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