The First Clip Of Nolan North In Destiny

The First Clip Of Nolan North In Destiny
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Here’s a tease of what Nolan North’s rendition of Ghost sounds like in Destiny. I don’t know about you, but it sounds pretty similar to Dinklebot to me. Which probably means that the original Ghost sounds the way it does because of Bungie’s direction, not Peter Dinklage.

Oh yeah, and there’s stuff about The Taken King in there too. But really though: Northbot!


  • Certainly the voice is higher than I expected, though still fairly flat…with a bit more ‘warmth’ than Dinklebot however.
    It will probably give it more ‘life/personality’ as our travelling companion in the long run though.

  • I always loved Dinklebot. Still sad this is happening. Especially with Nolan ‘Every video game ever’ North. I mean to be fair, it sounds fine to me…. but it’s not Dinklebot. I’ll always have my CE Dinklebot on my desk to preserve his memory though.

    • I know what you mean about “every video game character ever”, I googled him the other night to see what else he did other then drake’s and the like…. man… that list is huge!

  • What if…. they didn’t actually replace Dinklage…. you just are playing as a different guardian with a different GHOST!!! And dinklage comes back with your original guardian in Year 3!


  • Perhaps they wanted to keep the voice fairly consistent with what they were replacing so it wasn’t too jarring a change.

  • *shrug* I like it. It’s not over the top, it’s slightly emotive moreso than Dinklages. While I love Dinklage as an actor, he’s phenomenal, as a voiceover in Destiny he sounded utterly bored. Nolan North however is a pure pro and always delivers.

    • This might sound really dumb, but I think I am more tempted to get back into Destiny by having a new voice for the Ghost than anything else so far….. I think I need to remember that Destiny is a drug, and a hard one to get off once you are hooked…..

      • Doesn’t sound dumb at all, tbh the flat lifeless tones of Dinklage put me off many times. He always seemed uninterested in being in the game, so it really drew me out of it.

        • I never really thought too much about voice acting in games until this. Sure, I knew it was a part, but I didn’t really think the difference between good voice acting and bad could change my perspective of a whole game

  • It’s probably money, peter dinklage likely costs a lot more than nolan north to do the taken king content. they could also probably get nolan to do “all” of the lines from release onward, in addition to taken king for less than dinklage for just taken king.
    It does seem like the voice is a touch more chipper and interested though.

  • I’m actually all about North Bot, just a little bit more character than Dinklage but not overselling it which is probably the best way they could have gone about it.
    That and it’s a higher/lighter tone than I was expecting, I was honestly expecting Drake Bot or something, so I guess this is promising even from the tiny glimpse we were give.

  • Played 150 hours of Destiny and still no clearer on why I was dragged from my dead slumber in a 1950s American truck in a Russian cosmodrome to be Dinklebot’s pet monkey. Anyone?

    • There’s actually a highly intricate and well-thought out backstory which… look over there! *runs*

    • Ahem, I think you’ll find the explanation to this is inferred as part of the rich backstory provided in mini-vignette form on the grimoire cards. And if you haven’t been able to piece it together then I’m afraid you either don’t have the requisite cards, or.. uh… look over there!


      • Surely it’s implied by the backstory, and the reader infers it? 😉 *pedant*

        Oh yes, nearly forgot… *runs*

  • Kind of wish they’d just made him a new Ghost instead of retconning him in. First mission of TTK your Ghost gets eaten by Oryx and this one saves the day, or something.

  • A bit more emotive than Dinklage’s effort, but really Bungie have said why they’ve replaced him, he’s a big actor with restraints, not so much his performance. For a robot, I think Dinklebot was pretty spot on.

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