nolan north

Parsing Nolan North’s Vague Comments About The Voice Actor Strike

Yesterday at the Game Awards, Uncharted voice actor Nolan North made some vague and puzzling remarks referencing the recent voice actors’ strike during his acceptance speech for “Best Performance”. Throughout the web, his comments were interpreted as criticism of the strike. But was that really what he was trying to…

Nolan North Is Way Better Than Peter Dinklage In Destiny

Today’s big Destiny patch brings an immediately noticeable change: Actor Peter Dinklage’s famously mediocre performance as little robot Ghost has been entirely replaced by with new audio from veteran voice actor Nolan North. Good news: North sounds great.

Uncharted 4 Actor Says Months Of Work Was Thrown Out

Video: The man who plays Nathan Drake says that eight months of story/performance work on Uncharted 4 was thrown out when Naughty Dog changed the creative leads on the game. In a video from a panel discussion at this past weekend’s MetroCon, North said that the scrapped work came from…