Holy Shit, Xur Is Selling Gjallarhorn

Holy Shit, Xur Is Selling Gjallarhorn

Destiny players, rejoice: If you still didn't have a mighty Gjallarhorn, you can go buy one right now.

Yep, Destiny's exotic vendor has just arrived at the tower for the weekend, and he's selling the ultra-powerful rocket launcher Gjallarhorn. Gjally has become infamous as the most widely sought-after gun in the game, with its nice looks and its ability to melt bosses with ease. And now, for a mere 17 strange coins, it can be yours.

Holy Shit, Xur Is Selling Gjallarhorn

The only other time Xur has sold Gjallarhorn was during one of his very first visits to the Tower, right after the game launched last fall. At the time, few if any of us recognised what a beast the gun was. We took one look, thought "Exotic rocket launcher? No way, I'm gonna save my coins for an auto rifle." And we regretted it for weeks or months afterward.

You can find Xur in the back-right dance club section of the Tower, which is appropriate, since the nearby jukebox can accompany all the happily dancing guardians.

Holy Shit, Xur Is Selling Gjallarhorn

I already have a Gjally, but I only got mine a month or so ago, so I know the sadness of every player who has gone months on end with no Gjallarhorn. Embrace this moment, my fellow Destiny players. It's getting nerfed in like a month, so cherish your overpowered rockets while you can.


    Well I might have just bought myself one... or seven.... or eleven.... twelve, I bought twelve. No regrets.

    Cue the rage

      I tried to find some rage on the Bungie forums and all I could find was threads mocking the people who were raging. I assume all those threads got deleted by the mods.

    "Gjallarhorn" was a worldwide trending topic on twitter for a while too.

    So, if I just started playing this (bought the taken king digital deluxe edition), have no idea what I'm doing, am only level 5.. Is this for me?

      If you've got the strange coins I'd say grab it, it's a very useful tool that takes a lot of guess work out of some of the bosses and can make up if you're playing with a team that don't have ok'ish equipment or you're just trying to finish things as quick as possible. It's not an all rounder weapon though ... plus it's super pretty and shoots rockets that can track to a target and then drop smaller rockets that also track the target you just hit. Kind of like shooting 2 rockets in one.

    They're only doing this because its getting nerfed to the ground with the expansion patch. It's succeeded in its shitty rng role to get people to play more, hence bungie not nerfing it's clear overpoweredness till now.

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    750 hours in, multiple strikes, raids, public events etc. not one Gjallahorn. I know have five, wheeee.

      Yup, like you I've played since the beta and never got my hands on it, so I'm glad I finally have one in my possession. Yes, it would have been far more enjoyable if I'd found it in a drop (my partner was lucky in that regard during the vault of glass raid), but at the very least I can say I own Jellyhorn.

      But the story behind how I purchased it is a doozy, and that's going up on YouTube because it's arguably the most stressful yet enjoyable experience I've had in Destiny in ages, I'm kinda glad I pressed the record button for once. Let's just say I didn't have enough strange coins and hopefully I'll have the vid uploaded tonight.

        Cool, make sure you post a link.

          Here you go! https://youtu.be/4SdxVUqfT94 Hope you enjoy it as much as I did playing it.

            Yes, that revive run was very ballsy. Nice work with The Last Word, not sure about Vestian Dynisty, though - interesting choice. However, bloody Omnigul, it would be the weekly when everyone needs coins. The one strike that there's no cheese for. Having got my Gjallarhorn from Xur on Friday, only took me about 8 hours to upgrade to Wolfpack rounds with a combination of heavy ammo synthesis; rocket launcher telemetry; whatever bounties I could run and...daily heroics. For some reason, daily heroic strikes even on a low level seem to give heaps of XP. LBurroDelDiablo

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    Let me know when he sells the Conference Call, I still haven't been able to get me one of those...ooooh, sorry, that's Borderlands 2 :p

    I sadly don't have enough strange coins, but considering Bungie have explicitly said that they are nerfing it to the ground in Taken King, i'm not too devastated.

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    And where did that say that? They're reducing the damage to the wolfpack rounds. Thats all.

      While this is cool for those that don't have it, won't it be useless once Taken King comes out in 4 weeks, nerf or not?

        From what I've gathered. Year 1 Legendaries are being left behind in Year 2. Not exotics.

    Thank you Xur. Now, I will be invited to partake in strikes, raids, etc. on the Destiny LFG site.

    Was so happy to rock up to Xur and find this, was a great start to my weekend.

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