How To Start A New Game+ In The Witcher 3

How To Start A New Game+ In The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3's final piece of free DLC, which adds a more challenging New Game+ mode, is out. The first challenge: actually starting a New Game+.

It's not actually very complicated, but if you don't fully read the dialogue box that pops up notifying you about the new mode, it's possible to wind up a little flummoxed. Here's what you do, once you've made sure you have the DLC installed.

  1. Load your most recent save, from anytime after you completed the story.

  2. Make a new manual save.
  3. Go back to the main menu and start a new game, pick your difficulty/tutorial options, and select "New Game+" when given the option. Select the save game you just created to import for the NG+ — other saves won't work.
  4. Enjoy fighting tougher enemies and probably making most of the same decisions all over again!

I'll post some more in-depth impressions of New Game+ soon.


    I just started New Game Plus and I immediately feel the fatigue that others have spoken about. I loved the Witcher 3, the first playthrough. Now, I spend most of my time pressing Square to hurry up or just travelling.

      Felt this as well, so I decided to go back and change the difficulty to "easy" so I'd save time. Got bored. Started again, increased the difficulty and now I'm having the time... of my LIFE. (hey, T-Bone)

        What difficulty was your first playthrough? I'm currently doing the 2nd hardest. Not sure if I could handle an increase!

    Its funny, I like many find the W3 story is far too long, you burn out on a single playthrough yet I also (like many) can play a singleplayer game for hundreds of hours. Most of the game is good,and some of the game is fantastic, and I think in part that is the problem, playing through again would mean skipping a large amount of dialogue players simply don't want to go through again, yet dialogue is such an integral part of Witcher it becomes somewhat boring as you feel your simply skipping through the game.

    I realize that skipping through dialogue in any game is skipping the game... to word it differently, with certain games and even RPGs you skip dialogue once you have finished the game (or even before) to get to the game/gameplay or core of the game if you will and actually play it. The Witcher it feels pointless because the dialogue is the game, or rather a massive part of it.

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    Dunno if I'll have time for new game +, my current play through is at about 100 hours (Blood & Broken Bones) and I have a fair way to go yet. When I get fatigue I just jump on something else for a little while. This game is so good that I don't feel the need to rush through it, just take it a couple of quests at a time.

    Um, I finished the main story line in the game, but its telling me none of my saves "game not completed" why? What else needs to be completed? Help!! Lol

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