Man Accused Of Stuffing PS4 Down Pants

Florida Man Accused Of Stuffing PS4 Down Pants

Christopher Caldwell, 36, has been arrested after security staff at a Walmart in Florida told police they found him stuffing a PS4 inside his pants. And then some.

Local crime blog Off The Beat (via @ZhugeEX & pixeldynamo) say Caldwell was found in the bike section of the Port St Lucie Walmart "sticking the PlayStation 4 in his pants". The affidavit then says "Christopher then began concealing the accessories into his pants as well."

Caldwell, who was already on federal probation, is now up on a felony grand theft charge.

Like... was the PS4 still inside the box? And even if it wasn't, what were the accessories? A couple of DualShock 4s? The PS4 camera? What kind of pants was he wearing?


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