Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Dying Light 2: Stay Human In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Dying Light 2: Stay Human In Australia
Image: Techland
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Touch wood, but it looks like Dying Light 2: Stay Human is almost here. February 4 can’t come quick enough, so here’s where you can find Dying Light 2 for cheap in Australia.

In Dying Light 2, it’s been 15 years since the apocalypse and humanity entered its newest dark age. In Villador, also known as The City, the area is shared by three factions: the Peacemakers, the Renegades and the Nightrunners. People fight for scarce resources and weakness is punished, but nightfall scares everybody.

You play as an infected survivor, Aiden Caldwell, whose goal is to unravel the mystery of his past and find his long-lost sister, Mia. Aiden happens to be skilled in parkour, which means you’ll be able to employ a series of parkour tricks (3,000 to be exact) while traversing the decaying cityscape and combatting its virus-infected inhabitants.

Last December, Techland delayed the much-anticipated sequel again to ensure everything was playtested and ready for its ever-patient fans. Originally when Dying Light 2 was announced back at the E3 2018, it was slated for release in early 2020. However, come January 2020, the developer announced it was delayed indefinitely.

Considering the sequel is four times the size of the original game, it makes sense that Techland chose to delay its new release date in December 2021 by an extra two months. Throughout our long wait, they tided us over with the occasional development update through the Dying 2 Know video series and rewarded our patience with a free DLC last year for the original Dying Light, which sits a-okay with us.

Not to mention the fact that on Twitter, Techland promised to continue expanding the world of Dying Light 2 for at least five years post-launch. Key words: at least. So if you ask us, that’s more than worth the wait to punch on with the zombies. And taking into consideration that the game will need at least 500 hours to reach total completion. Woah.

Where can you get Dying Light 2: Stay Human for cheap?

Dying Light 2
Image: Techland

Across all platforms, the standard edition of Dying Light 2 is selling for a RRP of $99.95. You can find the cheapest copy across all consoles at Harvey Norman for $68.

Next in line is Amazon Australia, JB Hi-Fi, Big W, Dick Smith and Kogan tied with $69.

By pre-ordering a copy of the standard edition ahead of its release on February 4, you’ll be rewarded with a pre-order bonus which includes both the “Reload” and “Reach For The Sky” packs.

Here’s every major retailer in Australia that you can currently buy the standard edition of Dying Light 2 from:

Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition is pegged with a full price of $119.95, and can be found cheapest at Amazon Australia and JB Hi-Fi for $99. Many retailers are running out of stock ahead of the February 4 release date, so if you’re keen on securing your Deluxe Edition, hop on board now.

In addition to the pre-order bonus that the standard edition comes with, upgrading to the Deluxe Edition will score you the first DLC, a steelbook, the “Legendary” skin pack, exclusive weapon charms, wallpapers, a digital soundtrack, comic and artbook.

Here’s where you can currently buy the Deluxe Edition of Dying Light 2 in Australia:

Now for PC gamers, Harvey Norman has the standard version available for $10 cheaper than The Gamesmen at a solid $68. But if you’re keen on the Deluxe Edition, pricing is consistently $119.95 across all retailers listed below.

Here’s where the PC version of Dying Light 2 is available from in Australia:

Good night and good luck.

Watch the gameplay trailer below:


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