Real Life Los Angeles Looks A Lot Like Grand Theft Auto V

The way we record video footage these days is different. Drones, time-lapse. A lot of these new techniques, combined with an increase in graphic fidelity, means that quite often real footage can start looking hyper real.

Real footage can start to look like a video game.

That's certainly what happens in this awesome video.

It's a collection of time-lapse shots of various spots in Los Angeles and it's superbly well put together. It also gives me a new appreciation for just how well Rockstar recreated the vibe and feel of Los Angeles in Grand Theft Auto V. Los Santos might be the best virtual representation of Los Angeles we're ever likely to see in video game form.

It's when you see a video — a real-life video — try to capture the essence of Los Angeles; when you see that and notice, hey — this looks a lot like Los Santos. That's when you realise just how good a job Rockstar did with Grand Theft Auto V.

Anyway, this is very cool. Worth watching.


    It really is amazing how well R* was able to shrink down L.A while retaining the look and feel.

    So many times in that video you see a simple intersection and can pin point the exact location in Los Santos.
    I even remember those PC shots that were posted here a while ago that ended up being actual photos of L.A.

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    It is like seeing a place in real life that you had only previously seen in a dream.

    Also Friday is on Netflix if you want to get another Los Santos vibe.

    Video game city based on real city looks like real city.
    Film at 11.

    Damn - that makes me want to get the remastered version for my X1 - hurry up price drop!

    Man it is crazy how detailed GTA5 is. Right down to the couches in the smoking area out back of the Roosevelt Hotel being the same color they are in real life. The mind boggles.

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