Remember This?

Argh... foiled again! Congrats to johnny_unitus. Yesterday's Remember This was Rastan Saga. Nice job team.

Good luck with today's effort!



      Very likely...

        Hard Drivin was actually the first thing that came to my mind. I forgot all about Stunts.

      My first thought as well, but I just got out of a meeting that started at 12. :P

      *shakes fist*

      I thought stunts the first time i saw it. Anyone remember that bug which could make your car launch up in air if it landed on another point of a jump?

        Yep, I remember it was like the car suddenly got pulled up into an invisible tornado. Back in the day on my friend's computer (I didn't get a PC until I was 15) we figured out how to trigger it every time.

      Thought that the moment I saw it but then thought wait wasn't the grass lighter?

      Then remembered that was the hills that did that.

    Microsoft Paint.

    BMX Airmaster :

    Rc pro-am. To coincide with the rare release and Mark being topical.

      Yeah, it could be. I was thinking Thunderground, but RC makes sense and the colours are about right.
      When is a sequel to MASHED coming out, I want me some new top down mini racer action...

    Made me think something like Blue Max or the Last Ninja. (<--- Best game ever btw).

    Last edited 07/08/15 2:39 pm

    Something like Formula One Grand Prix for Windows 3.1?

    it isn't but it SHOULD be R.C Grand Prix for the Master System - That game was the tits

      Dude. You are so right on that one :) First player to buy the gold battery wins.

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