Remember This?

Okay, I'm not exactly sure who won yesterday's Remember This. Adamantium_nz seemed to be first, but he edited his comment after Talicca, who guessed it right at 1.13pm. I'm not sure how it all played out, so congrats to both of you!

Good luck with today's effort!

If you have a game or screenshot suggestion for Remember This, feel free to email me here


    Lost planet

      You might be right. Also reminded me of Mass Effect.

      I friggin loved Lost Planet, even if no-one else did.

        Was a good series. Would work again if they did another one on the new systems. Could also be The Thing or any game with snow!!

    Magic Carpet

    Soldier of Fortune, or America's Army?

    return to castle wolfenstein, maybe.

    Don't ask me why but I'm guessing Blast corps as I've played a lot of it recently and It looks like a close up of the water in one of the bonus stages (even though everyone is guessing its snow) I'm probably way off

    I kinda thought it was Metal Gear Solid, but... I'm always wrong

    Civilization V (probably too recent for that!)

    Metal Gear Solid. Too slow someone else has guessed that.

    So i will go Spec Ops.

    Don't think i am right but this may be the image i am thinking for Spec ops.

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