Remember This?

Congrats to Noobi, who was the first (but not the last) person to guess The Thing. How good was that game? I feel like everyone has forgotten about that one.

Well apparently not, since everyone managed to guess this correctly!

Good luck with today's effort. Thanks to Greg for the suggestion.

If you have a game or screenshot suggestion for Remember This, feel free to email me here


    Biker Mice from Mars!

      Ooooh, now you're getting downvotes!

        Don't worry, @decoy has a group of us loyal followers who've got his back ;)

          "Guys, le'me tell you something. In this wild and woolly universe of ours, there are only three things you can count on: your brains, your bros, and your bike!" - Throttle

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for PC?

    Double Dragon?

    As for The Thing, I got into the game, got quite far, then it glitched out on me when loading between areas. Guys on my team disappeared/got erased randomly, and they happened to be holding my flame weapons. Couldn't continue because it was a boss fight area.

    Indiana Jones and the last crusade?

    It was my favourite whip-based game until super castlevania changed everything.

      That was my first thought too, I just can't seem to figure out where in the game it might be though.


    Shovel Knight

      I have no idea, just makes me think of games where you have to dig, like lemmings or some dig-dug variation, or that hard bastard of a game, Blaster Master. Man that game was hard.

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