Retro Gaming Can Make You Money

Retro Gaming Can Still Make You Tons Of Money

The retro gaming industry continues to explode. CNN reported on the secondary market for vintage games and the dusty, old cartridges sitting in your mum's attic are increasing in value — sometimes by twice of what they were valued at years ago.

Even The Legend of Zelda, a "common game" that sold for a respectable $US12 a few years ago, can now fetch a dealer $US25. Rarer games and systems can sell for thousands. One such dealer, Giulio Graziani, discussed the changing times.

Graziani, 50, has been in business since 2003, but says the market only recently began to spike. "Five years ago, I could drive through Texas and stop in little towns and buy everything," he says. "Now they're selling games out there for more than I do!"

One might think that online stores, such as the Virtual Console, would drive prices down for these games, due to supply-and-demand. But so far, it doesn't seem to have had an effect upon demand. Perhaps there's something to be said for permanent, tactile ownership. And when even the most popular classic games aren't available through the official outlets, the alternatives must feel tempting.

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    90% of the prices online (mainly eBay) are heavily inflated...A huge ripoff if you ask me

    I used to care about collecting (physical) old/retro I just buy digital downloadable games

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    I still have the gold edition Ocarina of Time cartridge sitting in my TV cabinet. I'm been holding on to that for years.

      Pity, it's not 100% complete and everything in mint condish

        There should be two complete saves.

        I held on to it for me though, not so much for it's value. I kept 1080 snowboarding, Ocarina of Time and Wrestlemania 2000.

        (Wait, how can you have 100% and still be mint?)

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    I have a copy of Resident Evil Revelaitons. Does that count?

      Yes, it does.
      I'll buy it off you for $100, NA version?

    I'd have thought the various Virtual Console type things would have made prices worse, since they raise awareness of older games so might set more people out searching for them. Increased demand, increased prices.

      It depends because people might just download said game(s) and play them via an emulator to satisfy their gaming needs

    Emu all the way. Profit from the physicals.

    What better way to prove you've always been a hardcore gamer than with your very own 2nd hand game cartridge.

    Look at that patina!

    It's no mystery why games 20-30 years old are going up in value. People now of an age with disposable income want copies of these games and the supply is finite.

    I picked up a copy of Casltevania: Symphony of the Night, complete for $20 4 years ago back when Gametraders sold games.

    Car Boot sales are the go now days. Got a Pokemon N64 for $25 from one :D

    I still have a mint boxed NES bought from Salvation Army for 10$ from 6 years ago. Reading this this news story makes me wish I had visited there more often.

    Five years ago, I could drive through Texas and stop in little towns and buy everything,” he says. “Now they’re selling games out there for more than I do!

    Blame the game chasers for that one haha.

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