Rocket League Still Manages To Break My Heart

Rocket League Still Manages To Break My Heart

Rocket League continues to slay me.

You’d think after a month of unparalleled success for the developer, the Rocket League community would have evolved in skill and stature to the point where the more ludicrous goals and saves stopped occurring.

But saves like this still manage to happen. Or rather, shots on goal that magically refuse to go in and somehow don’t get followed up or nudged in out of general courtesy by the defenders.

Just look at it. It goes from one end of the goal to the other. Twice. The green car even drives past assuming that it’ll go in at some point. Just ram it in! Just drive head-on.

What’s your craziest Rocket League moment so far?


  • My biggest drama with Rocket League is that my controller goes schizo after a couple of games. Makes it impossible to play.
    No other games, just the only one I want to play right now.
    It’s infuriating.

  • No matter how much I’ve tried, I simply can’t get into this game. Done the tutorials, played matches, tried free roam, the lot. I can’t get into it for some reason.

  • The craziest thing is since the patch the game has been tweaked, ever so subtlety, and my timing is now way way off

    And that the AI bots are now braindead

  • I would guess the reason the green car doesn’t touch it is the same reason I wouldn’t in that situation: I wouldn’t want to be that dick who steals the goal credit.
    RL needs to institute a scoring system that doesn’t reward people who pointlessly get one last touch before a shot goes in. I’m not sure how that would be done; a lot of the time it’s a better decision to get that last bit of power or change in direction to ensure the goal, but I know I’ve watched a lot of jerks pointlessly touch a ball that was already going in just to get themselves some easy, un-earned points.

    • I have lost so many goals because I didn’t want to “steal” it or someone didn’t want to “steal” mine.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s a load of wank and will now proceed to shoot the ball every chance I’ve got. I don’t care if someone else shot it or not. I can’t see the goalie who may or may not be off to the left. So I’m going to take the shot if only to help secure the win.

      If my team complains (which they don’t ’cause I play 3v with a least one mate, preferably two, in my party), they can shove it. If they keep complaining I’ll watch their shots continue to be blocked until they rage quit. Then I’ll work with the other guy or even the AI to score the goal.

      It’s a team effort. Teams ensure the goal, not the point distribution.

      • I’ve lost count of the number of goals I’ve had knocked out by my own team because they want the goal. I’m all for someone making sure it goes in, but if you’re not good enough to finish and it’s going in anyway, leave it the fuck alone.

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