Stickers Made CS:GO Teams And Players More Than $4.2 Million

Stickers Made CS:GO Teams And Players More Than $4.2 Million

ESL One Cologne was already notable for being the largest Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament. But it’s also proved to be one of the most lucrative for all involved.

Usually you’d expect tournaments to be lucrative only for those who finished first or second. But with the way in-game economies work, particularly those involving Valve properties, it’s an entirely different story.

The official Counter-Strike Global Offensive blog has announced that the sales of stickers over the course of ESL One Cologne has generated more than US$4.2 million for the players and the teams involved.

Viewer records were also broken over the weekend, with more than 1.2 million tuning in for the grand final.

“To celebrate the amazing event, and in honour of CS:GO’s third birthday, we’ve turned on party mode.”

Party chickens for all.

Update: For those a little confused, stickers are items — usually branded with the logo of your favourite team, in this context — that you can then place over the weapons you use in-game. Apologies for the lack of clarity!


  • In case the average reader here doesn’t happen to realise… The stickers are in game items that can be used to stick on guns and this party mode means tasers shoot confetti as do exploding bombs and chickens.

    • Just popped on here to say Thanks 🙂 Some of us are trying to learn a little bit about each of the eSport games (while mastering none!) – a quick definition was all this article needed. Baby steps 😛

      • Apologies for that! I’ve put a note at the bottom just in case anyone else is equally perplexed.

        There’s actually a huge market for stickers and skins in CS:GO, especially with all the trading/gambling elements. It’s staggering.

  • I thought the winning team’s prize was capped at 250k. I don’t think it goes up just cause they pulled a windfall during the event. Just more in the coffers to help fund next year’s event.

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