That's One Way To Handle Anime Complaints

That's One Way To Handle Anime Complaints

The latest episode of the PriPara (Prism Paradise) anime has raised eyebrows in Japan for the way the show changed its ending sequence.

PriPara started out as a kiddy arcade game in Japan and went on to spawn a manga and an anime.

According to IT Media, one possible explanation is a complaint from last month by Japan's Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organisation (BPO), for an anime ending sequence in which a young female character only has one of her shoulder straps over her, well, shoulder. The complaint wondered if this suggestive pose was necessary in an anime that's aimed at children, and that it makes parents "uncomfortable." The BPO did not specifically name PriPara.

The most recent episode features a slightly altered image. Compare for yourself in the clip below (around 1:09).

Everything else in the ending sequence seems to be the same.


    Considering what they air over there I'm kinda shocked that this is an issue.

      That sort of content airs at like 2am if it appears on TV at all. This particular show is aimed at children and airs at 10am on a Saturday morning, so the complaint is probably fair enough.

    That is probably one of the least suggestive parts of those credits

    I love how even though they edited it, it still has a young female character that only has one of her shoulder straps over her shoulder.

    Given how in recent seasons, this is the governing body that has the "blinding white light of censorship" fill 99% of the screen on a panty shot of the slightest hint of unclothed cleavage, this move doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Well, the video is gone now. What was changed?

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