The Martian Gets A Brand New Trailer

I am excited about this movie.

Sure, Ridley Scott hasn't had the best strike-rate as of late, but this is looking great. Love the high concept. Love the fact that Jimi Hendrix features in the trailer.

This is looking really, really cool.


    Looks like it's hewing closely to the book.

    I just hope it doesn't make Jeff Daniels an out-and-out villain- in the book, his character (in fact, all the characters) have legitimate points they're arguing.

      Interested to see how they do the first six chapters of dialogue between Mark and Mark

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      Also - I may be wrong but it appears Watney has a wife and kid!! The version of the book I had, had reflection points at the back and one of them was a long discussion about his lack of attachments at home and how that shaped his character as opposed to the easier version of a guy who would be desperate to see his family again. It seems Hollywood chose the easy version to build this character which is disappointing.

      Again, I may be wrong. It may be one of his crew members. I'll rewatch the trailer.

        Yeah, he was single in the book. It does mention he watches/reads other crew member's stuff so it could be their videos

        I think that's Martinez's wife and kid. I'm pretty sure it was in the previous trailer.

          it seemed like sneaky cut and that was what I was thinking.

      I don't think that will be the case, judging from this trailer. But, you know, I could be a million percent wrong.

    I may be the only one who really liked Prometheus :-S

      Every time I watch a movie and people run to the left or right when something is falling toward them, I say "See! They can run to the side!".

      I quite liked it, but I'm a massive sucker for sci-fi movies

    It does look like a good film, but after that last trailer I feel like I've seen the movie already.

    I think I'll skip this one, as whether he lives or dies in the end is the only thing really left for a second trailer to spoil.

      Exactly. I watched this trailer and regretted it.

      I know the story from the books but yeah these days trailers show the whole movie. TV shows are worse when they have a next week preview which shows the whole next episodes story line.

        I don't know what's worse, that or when they preview the least significant event and make it look like the main plot-line or cobble together unrelated events to misdirect your thinking.

      This trailer is much better than the other. It doesn't spoil as much IMHO, and doesn't reveal his ultimate fate.

      Edit: also, there are some huge moments not revealed in either trailer. Huge, huge moments.

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    Hopefully I can get past the fact that Matt Damon played crazy stranded guy Dr Mann in Interstellar.....

      Could this be the first movie Sean Bean doesn't die in?

    "I am going to have to science the shit out of this" <-- said no astronaut ever.

    Other than that ... I am in. I have yet to meet a sci-fi story I didnt like.

      You, sir, must not watch enough b-grade sci-fi movies.

      There are some shockers out there. I'm a huge sci-fi fan, but some of them are just... yeah.

        B-grade sci-fi is a little too good - gimme Z-grade anyday.

        Some of the stuff coming out of Eastern Europe is hilarious.

      Read the book, I laughed out loud; first book I have done this in. Watney is the least serious person I have ever read in a book. He talks like one of your mates when you're messing around. Its great.

    I really enjoyed the novel, couldn't put it down. Hopefully this sticks close to the novel and a lot of the shots in that trailer make me think it will so it should turn out ok. Please don't try and shoe horn in some hollywood cliches though.

      It looks like he has a wife and kid that he is desperate to get home too. Cliche and easy feels.

      It may be a misleading cut though. One of the crew has a family so it may be his hand pretending to be a cut from Watney crying.

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    Loved the novel. Really made me want to plant potatoes for some reason.

      I started eating raw potatoes after reading it for some reason

        I started drilling holes in my neighbours Land Rover.

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