The Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Officially Happening

The Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Officially Happening

"You've been telling us for years that you want Resident Evil 2 to be remade," said Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi, "and we haven't been able to make it happen...until now."


    One of my top ten games ever, I am cautiously optimistic.

    Grab the original now on PSN.
    (I still play it regularly) :D

    Finally! Official confirmation, rather than "when the fuck are they going to acknowledge it's inevitable?".
    Day made.

    WE DO IT!

      I'd buy that shirt too and wear it proudly.

    For the benefit of those of us at work who can't watch the video.... are Capcom actually remaking it themselves? Or just taking that existing unofficial remake ( and bringing it into the fold and making it official?

    If they're doing it themselves, where does that leave the unofficial one?

      The video doesn't go into detail or provide any footage (what you see in the preview image is just a still title card). I would imagine that the unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake will get shut down, but they might be smart enough to realise that it's not actually competing with an official remake.

    Yes. Finally. Take my money damn it. One of the best survival horrors ever.

    I assumed they were holding off until closer to Resident Evil Zero HD's release to announce this. Very happy to finally have it announced, but as a Mega Man Legends fan I've got to remind myself that Capcom are batshit crazy so Resident Evil 2 HD isn't confirmed until it's on my hard drive. =P

    Why were they unable to do it until now? I bet they have well started on it. This is just a way to get the hype going. I for one am excited. Hope it is as good as the first RE remake.

    Another remake? Im an RE fan but seriously, enough with the remakes.
    If you trust in this original RE format to make money, then why not spend it on making an actual Sequel instead of milking this dead horse, I mean beating this know what I mean...

    I kind of want to correct him on his "WE DO IT!" Shirt, but he looks so happy if feel bad to burst that bubble...

    As for the announcement itself: Yes, yes, all of my yes!

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