The Songs Of Hatsune Miku’s Music Game Rival

The Songs Of Hatsune Miku’s Music Game Rival

For years now, virtual idol Hatsune Miku’s greatest hits have been showcased in the Project Diva music game series. Now however, fellow Vocaloid and rival “IA” has her own game IA/VT -Colourful-. And its music is pretty good in its own right.

IA/VT -Colourful- has 60 songs right out of the box — with 5 additional tracks as free DLC and 13 more as paid DLC. In other words, it has a sizeable chunk of IA’s best songs. Here are my 10 personal favourites from among the 65 free songs.

Title: Inner Arts
Composer: Jin

Title: TSUBASA New Days
Composer: A-bee

Title: Shinigami no Guitar
Composer: PTL0

Title: Over Drive
Composer: TeddyLoid

Title: Party Party
Composer: Komori Taminoru

Title: Cloud Rider
Composer: Tanaka Hayato x Jane Su

Title: World Calling
Composer: Jin

Title: A Realistic Logical Ideologist
Composer: Goboumen

Title: Love of the Camellia Princess
Composer: PolyphonicBranch

Title: God Only Knows
Composer: Devilish-P

If you enjoyed listening to these songs, you can check out the rest of IA/VT -Colourful-‘s playlist over on YouTube.

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