The Technology Behind Just Cause 3's Destructible Environments

We know Avalanche's Just Cause 3 is going to be a madhouse of... well, everything. But a lot of careful design, smart technology and plain old love is going into the game to make it foremost third-person sandbox title. Take the science behind Just Cause 3's explosions — it's more intelligent than your run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all explosion code.

Avalanche is putting out regular dev video blogs, with the second one arriving a couple days ago. It focuses on the game's approach to destruction, which is a lot more involved than you might think.

In fact, doing explosions in the usual way wasn't enough for the developers. As Colin Alteveer, lead mission designer explains, the team came up with its own, more realistic method:

We noticed early on that when things blew up, the little pieces would just fly into the stratosphere. So we changed to a pressure-based explosion algorithm, so now when things explode it's kind of more like a real explosion. Things follow a shockwave outwards, so you get more of this kind of debris sort of spraying and frequently, some of the larger bits you can then interact with afterwards; use those piece to dual-tether them into other things and you know, it's a playground.

Going from the video, Just Cause 3 looks like it's on course to steal the destructible environment crown from 2009's Red Faction: Guerrilla. I can't wait.

Just Cause 3 Dev Diary Episode 2: Destruction [YouTube, via Reddit]


    Day1 purchase for me. I still haven't completed 2 *shame on me* but I've racked up so many hours playing this on the 360 and the PC just messing around in the open world and multiplayer its insane.

      You haven't missed much. The late game was more annoying than fun. I persevered through it, but it's a game that really shines midway through. You have everything you want to cause general chaos, and the challenge isn't fun destroying.

        I just found the missions boring to be honest. The storyline never engaged me. It was a game that truly shone to me in creating my own 'storyline' in a sort of sense. That 'airport' over there? 'Liberate' it. Fight all the people in the city, etc etc. See if I can parachute off the bridge, can I land on the ground with no chute (use the grapple just before hitting the ground etc, finally mastered it lol). Loads of fun!

          I used to grab choppers, then grab the sports car at the airport, fly it ALL the way to the top of a tall arse mountain and rally car stage it the whole way down. I have driven more kilometers in that game than I did my car that year :P

      Yeah same, i ordered the grapple hook edition. It looks rather cooool.
      Can't wait to goof about in a unfamiliar ooen world.

      Tried to 100% it....over 2 years ago i started

        Me and my friend had a bet on this. Rest assured I failed to 100% it haha

      Indeed. That's my only real issue with this series.. it's so darn easy to get sidetracked! :)

      And yes, the story was a little bit lacking for me too.. not that it was bad.. just not interesting forme.

    Pre-purchase for me. I look forward to seeing what they have done with the engine. But its mad max next week.... x fingers.

    I never played guerrilla, but I've heard the destruction in RF: Armageddon was better. I absolutely adored the gravity gun in RF:A, combined with the destructible environments it's one of my favourite weapons from any shooter ever.

    Can someone confirm to me whether environment is properly destructible like Red Faction Guerrilla? - looking at the vids I still get the sense the destructible bits are pre-set similar to JC2. All that firepower but a letterbox or chain link fence didn't budge.

    They have at least expanded the destructible bits to bridges etc - but the dev diary focussed on the pre-set bits like statue or gas station - I still can't tell how far it extends.

    The only things that sucked in JC2 was that the cars handled like absolute arse and although the map was the size of the observable universe but it was ultimately empty so going around the map became a chore.

    But who cares about that crap... as long as it's balls to the wall bonkers and kersplosions every 2 seconds i'll be happy.

      YES THIS. I adored just driving around and exploring, but the car handling was so sloppy at high speed. It absolutely became a pain in the bum!

      Last edited 31/08/15 9:45 am

      One of the earlier videos I watched mentioned that the car handling has been completely re-done to make it better.

    I will get this day one. But I am yet undecided if I will preorder it or just wait.

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