11 Minutes Of Bloodborne's New DLC In Action

It's offscreen, which isn't great, but since we all know what Bloodborne looks like and how it plays, I found this 11 minutes playthrough of Bloodborne's new DLC quite enlightening. I just want to see how all the new weapons work!

I can't wait to play this.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC pack is coming out sooner than you might expect — November 24. I NEEDED MORE TIME TO PREPARE. Oh gawd.


    Am I the only one not that interested in the DLC? Mainly because I will need to start a new game, again, in order to reach the DLC.

    Unless you can access it from a complete game.

      Yeah, I'm wondering how that will work, too. I've finished the game - does that mean if I go back to play the DLC that I'll have to either start from scratch (which I don't want to do) or play it at NG+ difficulty (which I also don't want to do)?

      Moot point anyway, though, since Battlefront will be out then so I'll be playing that :P

        Probably much easier to play a new game. Even with my +10 blade of mercy my damage is so shit that I have no hope in doing a full complete game.

      It hasn't been confirmed that one would need to be in NG+ to access the DLC.

        Being in new game isn't the problem, the problem has always been forced into NG+ after beating the game.

    Given Dark Souls history on DLC, it's something you're gonna be able to access at least part way through the main game. You needed access to the Duke's Archives for the medallion in Dark Souls and light at least one of the primal bonfires I believe in Dark Souls II?

      Yes, you're correct. Perhaps in this case the key might be something similar to tonsil stone or at least having access to Lecture Building. As the dlc area could in fact be a frontier in someones Nightmare.

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