Canberra In Minecraft Is Just As Disappointing As The Real Thing

Okay so this video is really cool but it's also a little underwhelming.

Allow me to explain.

The concept is pretty cool. This Minecraft creation was made for — and won — GovHack, an annual competition that provides hackers and smart people with large amounts of data and asks its competitors to create something awesome. The above video is one of those awesome things.

What is it exactly? Well, it's a topographically perfect representation of Canberra in Minecraft pulled together using data from GovHack itself and Geoscience Australia.

So yeah, pretty cool. Canberra in Minecraft, right? But then when you sort of see it in action and see that they've just used the info to create a map of land, water and few famous landmarks... it's kinda underwhelming. It's weird, but once you've seen what we've seen in Minecraft, the bar is pretty high.

I guess years of marvelling at Minecraft creations has given me unrealistic expectations. I half expected to see every goddamn building in the city represented.

Regardless, you can check out the map here. Ignore my ignorance — this is still pretty impressive.

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    Yeah...that was...nah, I can't even be sarcastic about this. That was shit. In terms of minecraft builds.

    Build a city in Minecraft that is basically roundabouts. Won't end well.

    I still found it interesting how they pulled the data into minecraft even if it was all a bit sparse (although I have virtually zero experience with minecraft so perhaps its all passe).

      I think Sweden released their whole country as a minecraft world. So it's been done before.

    The only thing Minecraft Canberra needs is more Minecraft 'Executive Level' bureaucrats generating meaningless bits of Minecraft paper in Minecraft offices with 80s decor, with the occasional flight in-and-out of Minecraft CBR for a single meaningless meeting in the never-ending pursuit of 40 Minecraft Qantas Frequent Flyer status credits.

    Side Note: Stories about Canberra should come with a trigger warning.

      I've done several trips from Perth to Canberra for one hour meetings. Takes 2 days out of my life just so that The Men In Black can tell you something "in person".

        w00t! That must be worth at least sixty status credits! I'm surprised THEY don't come to visit YOU more often :P

    Oh Mark, its comments like that that conveniently help keep CBR free of people who agree with comments like that :P

    Awh. Well. I mean... it's no BlockWorks, but... It was just someone's teaching aid that had a little bit of architecture thrown in for reference and funsies.

    Buck up, Mr. Purcell. You dun good for teaching purposes.

    I remember playing on a Minecraft Server that housed an accurate representation of the whole Planet on one map. I think it was something like a 1:10 scale. Pretty awesome!

    This would really have been more impressive if it was done on a 1:1 scale.
    I imagine there'd be a bunch of dedicated Minecraft/Canberra enthusiasts willing to bring their city to virtual life in the game. Hell, they could even make it an educational program with some kind of joint schools initiative.

    It's a great demo to fire up the imagination but in and of itself, that map is pretty meh.

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