Check Metal Gear Solid V On Your Birthday For A Cool Surprise

Check Metal Gear Solid V On Your Birthday For A Cool Surprise

When you start a new game of Metal Gear Solid V, it asks you for your birthday. There's a reason for that — the game actually uses it in a pretty sweet way.

Obviously, if you don't want to be spoiled on this, you should stop reading now!

abRobert has found that, if you happen to play Metal Gear Solid V on your birthday, you will at some point be greeted with this heartwarming scene:

Aww, Kojima. You shouldn't have.

I love how paranoid Big Boss is. C'mon buddy, it's just a surprise birthday bash!


    I believe (my birthday's not until Feb) that the reason he's paranoid is because you get a call from Kaz telling you to get back to MB because it's an emergency.

    I am glad my birthday is in September!

      Me too.
      spare a thought for the poor guys and gals born on August 31st LOL

    Ah man... My bday is June 7... That means i won't get this for ages. Maybe i can trick my computer into thinking its 7th of June

    Maybe for that soldier's bday they could buy him a better boom box to put on his shoulder. My dad has a similar piece of shit in his workshop that he calls a "wireless"

    My birthday was four days ago. After playing the demo, Def not waiting 362 days to find out!!

    Quick somebody censor that because it shows tobacco. WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?

    My birthday is in 10 days... I shouldn't have clicked.

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