Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition Cheaper Than Destiny At One Store

Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition Cheaper Than Destiny At One Store
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I can’t imagine this was intentional in the slightest, but as a consumer it’d be hard not to crack a smile.

One eagle-eyed gamer on Facebook (in a closed Australian PS4 users group) today noticed something a little unusual when they went to pick up a copy of Destiny: The Taken King in JB Hi-Fi at Eastgardens in NSW.

The Legendary Edition of The Taken King was priced at $79.95. No big surprise there. The grin-inducing part came when he spied a standard copy of the original nearby. You’ll be able to enjoy the contrast for yourself below.

I can’t imagine this was intentional on JB’s part: other users have reported seeing lower price tags on the original Destiny in other stores. But when you consider the history surrounding pricing for The Taken King, it is a little amusing.


  • Probably a preowned copy because prices don’t change and JB aren’t selling new copies of vanilla Destiny on PS4/X1.

    • the bit where it says vanguard armour edition kind of links in to this as I am pretty sure the vanguard dlc was a preorder day one type thing

      • $29 pre-owned for vanilla Destiny in JB today. Doubt the new vanilla is more than $39. Obviously the yellow sticker has just fallen off. 🙂

  • This is situation normal for EB Games. You’ll often see preowned titles more expensive than brand new ones during a sale, and the reps often won’t drop the price on the preowned copy.

    • They may not be allowed to do it, I know it seems stupid but if you Boss is an idiot you still need to do what he says to keep your job.

      I’ve worked in a job where they would expect me to spend 3 hours servicing an $8 part. Nobody complained that I took too long, but suggesting we simply buy them and I spend the 3 hours more productively where shouted down by management saying they didn’t want to waste money. Yet they wanted to pay me $60 to fix an $8 part.

      It was a really annoying job, it failed half the time (I could get away with a third unless Management was pinching pennies so I couldn’t just toss the worst looking ones) and they didn’t want to spare me an extra 30mins to test it. So of course the guy who installed it got yelled at by client and the boss for installing a faulty part. He’d make the argument that it’s $8 and we should buy new ones and got told they where not made of money.

      • Not blaming the reps at all, they’ve got it hard enough as it is. I’m sure they don’t ask about preorders and scratch protection because they like people hating them.

        • I’m over being mad at people for asking those questions I know they’re coming and just politely say no. It’s when they won’t take no for an answer, I even told one particular pushy salesman I’ve played games since they where on tape drive and floppy disk and never destroyed a game and compared to that media DVD are nigh on indestructible.

  • In JB’s defense it is the exact same disk just in a different box so the case may have changed but the innards are a year old.

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