I Would Totally Play This First Person Ant Simulator

I Would Totally Play This First Person Ant Simulator

Back in Maxis’ heyday, the developer pumped out all sorts of simulators, some more memorable than others. Although SimAnt never became a full-blown franchise, it is one of the more fondly recalled of the company’s products. Thanks to the efforts of one indie, we might be able to enjoy the SimAnt experience again — from the point of the ants.

Apparently the developer wasn’t aware SimAnt even existed before starting work on their interpretation, which is unsurprisingly called Ant Simulator.

Built in Unity (and recently transitioned to the engine’s fifth release), details about the game are not extensive. Currently it has multiple ant species, colony management, building, digging and resource gathering. On the roadmap are procedural environment generation and support for virtual reality headsets.

The original idea came from a 48-hour Ludum Dare game jam. Apparently the end result proved extremely popular and prompted developer ETeeski to convert the concept into a proper title.

There’s no release just yet (or even a date), but versions for the PS4 and PC are planned.

Ant Simulator [ Alpha Update #4 ] New Lighting & Effects! – Unity 5 [YouTube, via Reddit]


  • SimAnt was pretty killer for it’s time, allocating dudes to collect food, dodging the lawn mower, controlling a spider and attacking enemy base, good funs.
    Sim Earth was still my fave but 😉

  • Loved SimAnt so much, have so many memories from that game. That and SimCity were pretty much the only games on our school PC’s, so they got thrashed. I then found SimTower which i loved as well 🙂

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