Nolan North Is Way Better Than Peter Dinklage In Destiny

Nolan North Is Way Better Than Peter Dinklage In Destiny

Today's big Destiny patch brings an immediately noticeable change: Actor Peter Dinklage's famously mediocre performance as little robot Ghost has been entirely replaced by with new audio from veteran voice actor Nolan North. Good news: North sounds great.

Polygon won the "Which gaming site can make the first comparison video?" race, putting together this thorough compilation/comparison of Ghost's best-known lines as read by both actors:

Some of the differences are subtle, some are more pronounced. The overall effect is remarkable: Nolan's Ghost is easier to understand and carries his lines better more deliberately than Dinklage did. North's line readings are also more consistent, while Dinklage's often came in at different levels and sounded like they were recorded in different places. North even manages to (sort of) add some shine to unsalvageable classics like "Careful, its power is dark."

It will be nice to hear Ghost chattering again after he was so conspicuously silent during the last two expansions. I'll have more thorough impressions of the 2.0 update as soon as I've played more.


    After watching this comparison has just confirmed what I already know. The writing in destiny absolutely blows. Peter dinklage made it bearable for me but Nolan has just made it annoying. I don't hate Nolan's voice acting its just that his acting makes the problem so much more obvious.

    I thought that re-casting the voice and re-doing all the dialogue was a good opportunity to change the imperial units over to metric, but no, they stuck with using imperial units :( They still used miles and pounds instead of kilometres and kilograms.

    Anything in the lore that explained why The Traveller decided to use imperial units rather than metric?

      Same reason that in some movies set in space all good guys have American accents and bad guys have British accents.

      *eagle scream*

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        But when you start the game, don't you wake up in Russia? Meaning that you are Russian, or something? Or just an American tourist who happen to 'die' in Russia, to be resurrected by the Ghost?

          Serious answer is I think a whole lotta folks died in the attempted exodus. Those were colony ships trying to escape the war, up on those gantries. And judging by the wrecks, I'd say most refugees didn't make it. Stands to reason that 'nations' as we know them stopped existing when the shit hit the fan.

    I actually like DinkleBot... His dead pan/robotic performance fits Ghost better methinks.

    doesn't change the fact that Ghost is absolutely pointless and the missions are still the same repetitive shit.

    They weren't all that different for a whole lot of those readings. I never got the whole drama over the voice acting, Dinklage read the lines as best he could I'm sure. Playing the game it's difficult to actually understand what the lines were trying to achieve, especially that awful 'wizard' one.

    I enjoy both actors work, but I didn't enjoy Destiny's story at all.

    Yeah Nolan sounds like a high pitched nerd, Dinkle is better.

    Yer i dont think the problem ever sided with dinklebot being the VA. I always thought it was the writers, just what the hell are you supposed to do with "careful its power is dark" or "That wizard came from the moon".

    I think the main reason they got nolan on board is that dinkle didnt want to come back and they had essentially written out ghost for the last two dlcs. For what ever reason they deemed it to important for the content going forward.

    The only problem I can spot with Dinklage's delivery is you can hear that he's genuinely dumbfounded that he's reading a script that bad. Nolan North is used to how bad video game writing can be by now, so doesn't sound like he's about to burst out laughing with every word.

    And Dinklage was in Knights of Badassdom.

    Nolan did worse. I prefer Dinklage a lot more.

    I hate Nolan's voice, It actually makes me think Peter was great. I wanna mute the f###ing game evrytime I play story mode now

    Although i think Noland sound a little better. Nothing but an entire rewrite will be able to improve shit blisteringly awful writing.

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    Maybe this will become a yearly thing, "Who will be Ghost in Destiny this expansion"?

    I think Nolan sounds like sheeet. Dinkle sounds better here

    As some one who has never played destiny before I just have to say 32 things:

    1> I preferred Peter Dinklage's voice (is it just me or does Nolan sound alot like 343 guilty spark?)
    2> The writing must've been garbage.
    3> My guess is Bungie stuffed this up with the direction. I think they wanted distance ghost from 343 guilty spark (halo) as much as possible originally (I can imagine them saying Peter can you say that again but more robotic and with less emotion)

    Also as a side note Peter has done voice acting for other things (ice age 3) so it seems weird for him to be the weak link (the writing seems much worse and I'm speculating on the bad direction, though there were problems working within activision as Marty O'Donnell can testify)

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