Okay, ScribbleTaku is back.

I hope you're happy.

Here's why ScribbleTaku is back: Remember This was getting a bit stale and the reverse image search thing was kinda ruining it for everyone.

Here's why we're doing ScribbleTaku over something else: ScribbleTaku is easy, quick and fun. Other things, like SingTaku or DanceTaku. Not everyone can get in on that. Everyone can play ScribbleTaku.

Also: I'm looking for ScribbleTaku submissions. If you want to draw something and sent it in, that would be great. We'll post them up here and you'll be internet famous for roughly 10 minutes!

Send them here


    Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis!

      Yay moderation finally kicked in


          I should really sign up for an account one of these days haha. I lived on Lucasfilm / arts games as a kid, couldn't get enough of em. This was instantly recognisable :)


      DAMNIT!!!! As soon as I saw it, knew exactly what is was. Well played :D

    Pop some orichalcum in it and the eyes'll go all glowy.

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    How are people going to guess it without image search!! :P

    First guess was Destiny also.

      Some one should RIS this and see what they get, I would but IT blocks google image search :(

        Just a bunch of pink drawings mainly.

        My guess would of been Crash Bandicoot but obviously people played more Indiana Jones than me :(.

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    Also Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis! but alrdy guessed

    This is pretty much the first anything-taku I knew the moment I saw it! Do you want to go Wits, Fists or Team?

    Last edited 14/09/15 12:58 pm

    Well, that's The Dig. I'd know it anywhere.

    What is scribbletaku, is the drawing of a game title, or do we guess the character or...?

      Same as Remember This. Guess the game from the picture, it's just the pictures are hand-drawn for this one instead of screenshot sections.

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