Street Fighter V's Wrestler Has An Amazing Ability

Street Fighter V's Wrestler Has An Amazing Ability

R. Mika has a few work out tips for you. They're pretty good! They also turn her into an absolute monster.

When R. Mika was originally announced, the Capcom detailed her special "Mic Performance" V-Skill — she basically pulls out a microphone and gives you a little motivational speech. It's a skill that beefs up her throws.

More recently, Khaos Gaming got a look at what happens if you actually let R. Mika finish her monologue, and the results are as hilarious as they are devastating:

Here's a partial transcript of what she's saying:

"Hey! First thing you do is hit the cardio! Next thing, go for full on strength training! Don't do any less than three sets a day! Make sure to change your routine daily! You'll be all muscle! I guarantee it!"

I love her dialogue here — she's so earnest! And while I think it will be rare for normal players to pull this off, it's cool to see just how much the dialogue buffs R. Mika up. You'll note that she can almost one-hit-kill Ryu at full health. It's ridiculous. Everyone else's V-Skill seems boring by comparison, at least in my opinion.

Between this and the booger thing, Street Fighter V's humour is very on-point.


    er, why is this a good idea or fun? Imagine being trolled by this move (after waiting 30 secs for the animation to finish)... I'd be throwing my PS4 out the window!

      If you're just standing there, not attacking her and let it finish, it's kind of your own fault?

      Incidentally, anyone else see the thumbnail image on the main page and think for a minute she was topless? Just me?

      The other character isn't locked in place when she does it, they can attack her pretty easily, you will never see someone pull the full thing off.

    Looks like those guys in the bus are having quite the time.

      Well, everyone is paying full attention Mika's performance, so they thought.. why not

    They better still have US/JP switch for the spoken language, american VA's be so bad.

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