The Big Question: Indiana Jones Or Star Wars

The Big Question: Indiana Jones Or Star Wars

When I was a kid growing up Lucasfilm was the best. Everyone loved Indiana Jones and everyone loved Star Wars. But there was always a little bit of rivalry thing. Not quite a SNES vs Mega Drive situation, but there were Star Wars kids and there were Indiana Jones kids. If you had to choose one over the other, which direction would you choose?

I’ve gone back and forth throughout my life.

As a kid it was Indiana Jones. Easily.

As a teenager I was obsessed with Star Wars.

As an adult, I’m going to say that I prefer the Indiana Jones series.

What about you?

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  • I only like 50% of the Star Wars films compared to 75% of the Indy films. Based on that assumption, Indy wins!

    • So what you’re saying is they need to make two more shitty Indiana Jones sequels to make Star Wars look better? 😛

  • How is Indy lagging the votes. I know there really isn’t a wrong answer to these things, but in this case, there really is.

    • Absolutely counting both of those. Indy scarred my childhood memories a lot less, since they only took one stab at them.

  • As a kid; Star Wars. As an adult; still Star Wars.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark was and always will be “Indiana Jones”. Temple of Doom always felt stupid and unbelievable, and Willy. Goddamn, just shoot her already. Last Crusade was alright but got sick of the “Junior!” by the end, even as a kid. Crystal Skull, well, just throw Shia into the same boat as Willy.

    SW4-5-6 are what a trilogy should be. Its hard to even call them separate movies, you can’t simply watch one. SW1-2-3 are disappointing, but are there to tell the story of Vader. Could very well shorten the movie into a 30 min recap pretty easily.

    SW7 is looking to be pretty great. Would cringe if they announced a 5th Indiana Jones movie.

    As for games, the Indiana Jones adventure games are some of my favourite moments in gaming as a kid. SW had nothing worthwhile. All those horrid platformer games on consoles. TIE Fighter was the first I really enjoyed… then Dark Forces, then Jedi Academy, then KotOR, then Republic Commando. So many great SW games in the universe (also some really bad ones like Pod Racer, Teras Kasi, Yoda Desktop……)

  • Out of the Lucasfilms, Its Indy by a nose…..but as far as trilogies go there is only one…..BACK TO THE FUTURE. Doc and Martys DeLorean adventures trumped all!

  • Indy all the way. The ratio of good products to bad is far more in Indy’s favour. Even the so-called “good” Star Wars movies have pretty bad writing, acting, and action scenes.

  • Our school must have been exceptionally nerdy. We had the Star Wars kids versus the Star Trek kids. Most of us liked both but preferred one or the other. I’m Star Wars all the way 🙂

  • Both really … why make a choice? They both have good and bad (Indy 4 didn’t exist!, and don’t get me started on Jar Jar)

  • My first words to my father after watching Star Wars were “Han Solo looks like Indiana Jones.”

    My love for 1930s pulp will never die!

  • Indy all the way for me.
    I have always preferred fantasy over Sci-Fi in literature as well and that probably plays a part.
    Not that Star Wars isn’t awesome. And I am reading more Sci-Fi now then I did when I was younger but there is just something about the Indy films that I prefer.

  • Indiana Jones wins out because as much as I like Space Ninja Magic, light sword fights and grand space fleet battles, I like tomb robbing, mysticism and mythology a lot more. Now, if Star Wars was Indiana Jones in Space (aside from the literal fact Hans Solo is Indiana in space) then I’d be voting that way.

  • What a coincidence – I just picked up the Indiana Jones box set on BluRay on sale at JB at lunchtime! Pretty good deal…. all 3 Indiana Jones movies, plus some Shia LaBeouf movie about aliens thrown in there, too, for some reason.

  • Star Wars all the way, indy was great, but the star wars story is so much deeper.
    Not that I didn’t love indy, but star wars wins out of the two everytime for me

  • Wanna start a war @Serrels ?! 🙂 Put also Star Trek in the Poll and you’ll have a NerdWar 3 right there …

  • Hardest decision of my movie loving life. SW and Indy (the original trilogies) are the best things ever. I went with Indy as his one new movie is not as bad a the SW prequels and I own Indy on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray while SW got no BR love from me cause of the prequels.
    So that is my own flawed logic for which franchise I subconsciously love more.

  • I love them both, but The Last Crusade is one of my favorite movies ever, so Indy wins out for me.

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