We Can All Learn Something From This Young Minecraft Fan

We Can All Learn Something From This Young Minecraft Fan

The Syrian refugee crisis has become a political flashpoint throughout Europe. Some people are being arseholes about it. Then you’ve got this kid, spotted at the “Solidarity with Refugees” march in London.

We Can All Learn Something From This Young Minecraft Fan


  • I would like to know exactly what or how you define people as being an arsehole compared to someone being a realist and pointing out all the issues and problems that will arise from the refugee problem.

    • Depends if they start their argument with. “I’m not racist, but” and “Bludy illegals comin to our land” or with “This situation is … (insert researched and informative argument here)”

    • Well, if you read the linked article you’d have seen that scammers have descended on the refugees, charging several hundred percent markups on accommodation and travel simply because the refugees are desperate and in unfamiliar surroundings. Surely such people are arseholes by anyone’s measure?

      But to get to that you’d need to read the linked article rather than leaping to conclusions as you have done. You’re right though, taking in any new information might lead you to have to actually think about these refugees as people rather than just a ‘problem’. Best not to chance it…

      • The towns taking in these so called refugees are taking up so many resources places cant keep up with it. It would be like 100 people showing up to your house and expecting to be housed and feed when you can only take in 10 as you or wouldn’t have the resources, while all the rest start to protest and riot as they are not able to get some same help. Does that not seem like a problem? yes this is a hypothetical situation where you live, but it is happening through out these other countries taking in these people. If you think i see these people as a problem you are correct, but i think the same thing about everyone around the world as the population continues to grow, the less resources the world has which leads to shortages.

        • So to frame the content of the article into your example, if a bunch of people turn up at my house (because their house is on fire) and I decide to charge them several times what the food in my pantry cost me to buy I am NOT being an opportunistic arsehole?

          Clearly the compassionate response would be to sit down with my other neighbours and work out a way to share the load as a community – exactly what Germany has done in the real world. It’seems the least we can do when so many of these wars are fought with US/EU weapons, and our economies have profited from the ongoing conflicts.

          Oh, and before I you feel too bad for rich western countries spare a thought for Jordan, who have taken in one refugee for every 3 natives. Are you really saying that it’s Europe who need some relief from this ‘problem’?

          • Ah yes, Germany who went ahead and said Yip we will take them before talking to its neighboring countries which any refugee needs to register in the first country they enter through in Europe. Oh wait that didn’t happen did it because Germany said come rite in. So in all yes it would be good to talk about it to the neighbors but when it come down to it, one country made the call for all of the other countries. On top of that when these countries took in the limit they could taken in, people illegally entered still, so my hypothetical situation problem still stands as now you have over 200 people and the places around you are fill, you have no money to move these people out of your house to a neighboring country that is able to take them. Also i am not saying those people are not arseholes for jacking up the prices on things as it is pretty terrible as it happens everywhere in the world when ever there is a huge demand for things in short supply.

    • The reality is that first world inhabitants live like gods.

      You’re quite right that there is a *problem* with taking refugees in – the *problem* is that you would only be able to own one plasma TV, not three, and some of your other excesses might be curbed.

      There are two kinds of people in this world –

      those who would sacrifice a small portion of the largesse they are granted by birth (because despite conservative TV and radio jock comments, people in third world nations work harder than we do)


      selfish assholes who think holding on to their consumer items is more important than brown children being able to survive.

      That’s the actual realist perspective but I doubt you will like it very much.

    • You came to this specific article to escape? Because it was pretty clear what it was about from the picture and headline.

      Sounds like you came here to piss and moan.

      Personally I think it’s a cute picture and I’m glad it’s here. That’s why I clicked on the article.

    • Then why did you click on the article? even further than that, Why did you comment if you hate the article so much?

  • The comments on the Gawker link are pretty toxic. Why do we need to post this shit here on a games site??

  • Let me get this straight… You want a refugee to build a house in a hostile land and everything they work for and achieve is constantly at risk of being blown up when they least expect it???

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