Wargaming Wants To Talk About Master Of Orion At PAX Australia

Master of Orion hasn’t been front and centre on most people’s radar for quite a while. It’s a shame for such a classic property, but it appears as though Wargaming is ready to put it back on the map again.

The revelation came courtesy of a series of emails I had with Wargaming’s PR representatives. Typically, as a member of the press, I’ll receive a swath of those whenever a new patch is released or a launch is happening. You know, the usual things you would expect PR staffers to send to writers, journos and freelancers.

With Wargaming, it’s typically about World of Tanks, although World of Warships has gotten more focus of late. But as everyone prepares their schedule for PAX Australia, one note in the round of otherwise unremarkable communiqués stuck out: Master of Orion.

It’s not clear what kind of specifics Wargaming will announce at PAX Australia. What we already know is that some of the former SimTex team have been consulting on the reboot at Wargaming’s office in Austin, Texas.

The core of development is being handled by NGD Studios in Argentina, whose previous titles include Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest, Bunch of Heroes and Champions of Regnum. Out of those three, Bunch of Heroes is the only one I directly remember (Finn and Jake’s obviously being related to Adventure Time), having played a couple of hours co-op with my housemate a few years ago.

None of them immediately scream 4X cred, but it’ll be interesting to see what Wargaming has to say about the IP. What would you like to see them do with the Master of Orion reboot?

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