Boundless Looks Like Minecraft But... Boundless

Video: Boundless is looking nice. The PS4 and PC (currently in Early Access) builder/explorer displays definite shades of Minecraft, but with MMO elements and portals connecting worlds. It will be out in late 2016.

Check out the trailer above.


    Fuck me, PS4 is smashing the xbone in cool releases like this...

    I think its time to turn to the dark side..

      Or, you know, you could come over to the side that has virtually everything at half the price with thousands more exclusives... PC...

        350$ on a playstation is cheaper than the 2k+ I'll have to spend on a new pc...

          Yes and no.

          Youre looking at at least$430 for a console online and more instore. Youre looking at $70-$110 per title. Even older titles are selling for extremely high prices.

          PC otherwise is significantly cheaper. GTAV is $79 at JBHIFI and $99 at EB Games.

          Steam had it for $50 only 2 days ago. Even without t he sale (which will appear frequently) its now $75. It has more features and is fully modable.

          There are 810 ps4 games available in total. There are currently 7500 games on steam alone and about 2000 of them were released this year. Take into account other platforms like GOG, Origin, Uplay, etc then you have a database that for outmatches any console.

          If you were to buy the entire collection on steam right now with DLC it would cost you $91,298 for those 7500 games. Seems like a lot? Well to buy the entire PS4 collection at the lower than average cost of $75 it would cost you $60,000.

          The player base is larger on PC with 120 million active uses compared to about 10 million consoles sold with the ps4.

          And a decent gaming rig will set you back about $800 to $1000 in australia. Yes its expensive but thats it. After the initial purchase everything else is so much cheaper. For $1000 in a ps4 youd get the console, 4-5 games and an extra controller.

    That thing at the end is totally stolen from Atlantis, but I love the look of this.

    There seems to be a weird disconnect between the HD visuals and the strange, almost -arbitrary blockiness of the world. I guess they're trying to keep that link to Minecraft, but it just seems unnecessary.

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