Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Begun -- And It's Awesome

Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Begun—And It's Awesome

Turns out people didn't have to solve some giant riddle to find Destiny's most mysterious gun. Turns out they just had to... wait.

As of this morning, the quest for Destiny's enigmatic Sleeper Simulant has officially begun, kicking off with a story mission called The First Firewall that you'll find on Earth's map if you've brought enough legendary fusion rifle relics to the Gunsmith.

Nobody's found a way to get the actual weapon just yet — it seems like we'll have to wait a bit longer — but at least now we know where to start. For weeks now, people have come up with all sorts of theories about triggering the quest for what could be Destiny's one of most powerful new guns, but all of the leads went nowhere... until this morning, when The First Firewall popped up:

Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Begun—And It's Awesome

It's not clear why this happened today. Maybe Bungie always just knew they'd launch this mission on October 7. Or maybe — and this is my personal theory — it was triggered by the entire Destiny community turning in a combined total of X hundred thousand relics.

Either way, you can start the quest now, and it's awesome. If you don't see The First Firewall on your map, you probably need to turn in more DVALIN fusion rifle relics. There's no way to check how many you've turned in, but they're pretty common drops from enemies, so if you don't have The First Firewall active, just go out and kill things on any planet until you get some relics. There are four total, so that's likely the number you have to hit.

The First Firewall is pretty simple — you go into Rasputin's bunker and fight off a bunch of Taken and Hive knights who pop up in a strange pattern:

Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Begun—And It's Awesome

Once you beat four waves of knights and then a big Taken boss, you'll get a new object called the Curious Transceiver:

Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Begun—And It's Awesome

Here's where we get into puzzle territory, and I strongly recommend that if you want to do this quest yourself, you try to figure this one out on your own. Otherwise, read on.

The transceiver will ask you to input a series of four passcodes that look like this:

Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Begun—And It's Awesome

As it turns out, we saw patterns like that just before getting the transceiver — those waves of Hive and Taken knights. Going from left to right, you have to hit the top box for each Hive knight and the bottom box for each Taken knight. There are four waves of enemies, and four passwords to enter.

So let's say the top is "0" and the bottom is "1." Here are the four codes:

0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1   0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0   0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 0   0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0

Once you've done this, you'll activate the transceiver, and it will tell you to go track down a new relic on Earth. This will open up a temporary mission called Shadow Call:

Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Begun—And It's Awesome

This one's a little tricky. You may remember the Devil's Spire from the original Taken King quest — you know, the place where Cayde had you do a whole bunch of platforming as you jumped your way up to the stash where he hid that stealth drive? Now you'll have to do the same thing... with a timer.

Here's video I shot this morning while going through the mission:

Beat Shadow Call and you'll get your hands on an exotic item called the Ikelos Fusion Core. Examine the core and you'll find even more riddles:

Destiny's Sleeper Simulant Quest Has Begun—And It's Awesome

You can activate all five of these nodes by fulfilling certain requirements. Hovering the cursor over each one will give you clues like "GA=ISHTAR.ARCHIVES," so again I'd recommend trying to figure this part out on your own, but if you want a full walkthrough:

Ionized Shell Harmonics - Beat the Archives mission on Venus

Heavy Power Coupling - Dismantle a legendary/exotic heavy weapon

Plasma Confinement Control Module 1 - Do the Warsat public event on Earth

Plasma Confinement Control Module 2 - Do the Warsat public event on the Moon

Plasma Confinement Control Module 3- Do the Warsat public event on Mars

To keep track of exactly when the Warsat events spawn, you can use the fanmade public event tracker.

Once you've completed all this, you're just about done. For now. Give the completed Ikelos Fusion Core to the Gunsmith and he'll say he needs more time to check it out, which means we'll likely have to wait another week or two before he gives us access to the next part of what has become Destiny's most exciting hunt.

I sure hope the Sleeper Simulant is worth all this.


    Whether it was worth it or not is irrelevant. It was fucking FUN! :D

    Finished this last night, so very keen to get my hands on the sleeper :) was wondering what the next step was after handing the fusion core

    Not sure I'd call the Fusion Core instructions a riddle any more than understanding Shakespearean dialogue... It literally tells you exactly what to do, albeit in thematically appropriate language.

    GA=ISHTAR.ARCHIVES points you directly at "The Archives", the Heavy Power Coupling literally tells you the part can be found in any heavy weapon, and the other three mention warsats and their locations - Terra, Luna, Mars. The only riddle was the code puzzle, and once a friend told me the rationale behind the solution, I'm more puzzled by why Oryx would be giving us the solution to Rasputin's puzzle...

      That's actually a really good question...why would Oryx send hive and taken in the order of something that was made by Rasputin? I got no logical reason...other than a plot twist...

        Oryx isn't sending the fallen.... He is dead (maybe). However, as Rasputin was broken into by the taken, maybe now Rasputin is corrupted and trying to pass on messages to free himself..... or take over. Either that or just blame Eris.....

      Current consensus is that whatever was originally planned was supposed to start after turning in the DVALINN relics but was bugged and the quest that's now in the game was simply thrown together and railroads the players into each step. I think Bungie got lucky when the Black Spindle was discovered "by accident" and that allowed them to run Lost to Light across subsequent Armsdays, with this week's Armsday falling on the 7th (Bungie loves 7). This let them throw a quick facade of "oooh, mysterious, seven, ooh", and now it's likely that subsequent steps will just get gated behind Armsday (or the 7th of each month). The difference between First Firewall and the Daily Heroic version of Paradox was quite jarring, so hopefully they get things sorted soon.

        Yep, that's about what I figured. Given the yellow pillars in the Omnigul room are missing from First Firewall (and a couple of less substantial hints from bits of dialogue in the game), this felt kinda thrown together.

    It looks like Bungie just had to flip a switch for the Mission/Quest to appear, They tweeted that it will be gone after today, but will be back again in the future.

    It's probably just a coincidence but Black Spindle missions were both on Wednesdays, and this Sleeper mission was also on a Wednesday. Bungie may be doing these to boost player count on Wednesdays for some reason.

      If that's the case, they need to be prepared for the influx of players.

      I lost count the number of times I dropped connection to servers with error codes such as caterpillar, baboon and bassoon (in that order, in rotation). It wasn't just me either, plenty were having this problem last night and Bungie still had all green for server status.

        Yeah, I've been having massive connection issue with Destiny since last week. I thought that maybe Dodo (my ISP) was doing some funny business during school holidays/long weekend.

    Why is everyone so convinced this has something to do with the relics? I have only handed in 2 and i have this quest

      Are you sure about that? I've only found all four on my Titan and my Titan had the mission but my Hunter and Warlock don't - and I've only found 2 (MAYBE 3) relics on each of those as I've not played them as much. It's not linked to finishing the story (at least up to the Regicide mission) because my Hunter has completed that, but not done any of the Taken War questline. It could be linked to completing Taken War which my titan has, but that doesn't seem likely. The flavour text seems to link back to the text accompanying the relics, though it's all warmind gibberish so... it could just be two unrelated things. Rasputin has his fingers in a bunch of pies.

    This is bullshit, who the fuck has time to play games on a Wednesday.

      I know right? I'm at work reading this raging!

      Why do I have to work?

        I can't even do it tonight, I have to take the MRS out to see some dumb movie and have dinner.

      It was live last night after reset. I did most of it last night, I'm up to warsats...but got sidetracked by the opportunity to get my Bolt Caster, which I did...and it's well worth it.

    Don't think I'd call it awesome... the weapon and the quest to get it was hyped up to be a big adventure, instead we're handed a random quest with no dialogue or set up and for some reason the hive and taken are spawning in a certain order to match a computer code... makes no sense..

    Oh well.. at least this weapon will be in everyone's hands once bungie unlocks the next time gate and it won't be another Gjallarhorn fiasco.

      I wouldn't be so sure...I have a feeling they'll tie in something strange like 'obtain an Exotic Heavy Engram' which turns into another Husk of the Pit situation...which i never got...after doing that mission well over 200 times...50 of them after they increased the drop rate...even got a crux of crota ready to go...

        I sure do hope you're right that there's more to it then this, but to me it still feels like a waste opportunity.

        Part of the reason why you didn't get it was because Bungie accidentally removed the ability for the sword knights to drop them, around the time they 'fixed' the drop rate. They've fixed the issue now, so they'll definitely drop them in the first Dark Below mission, but it's kinda shitty trying to get something to drop that can't actually do so (I was in the same boat myself).

    Im so far behind... Just got the expansion after not playing for about 4 months and feel like i have started from level 1 again (level 34 or something but green items are better then my gold and purple items).

      It won't take long to creep that light level up and you'll have heaps of fun on the way.
      Actually quite refreshing!

    I just had fun watching the groups of people run endlessly from one end of the map to the other chasing warsat events. :D

    Late last night I was on briefly and looked at the director, thinking "I can't remember seeing this mission before?" I haven't finished all the missions available to me just yet so figured it's one I haven't done yet (or a strike I haven't done in the regular mode). Guess I wasn't just sleepy :P

    I seriously thought the title here was being facetious, like I'm still kinda thinking your going to come out, yell "surprise, i lied it was really really shit house", because IT WAS.

    I'm not some destiny hater either, they have made huge strides with the Taken king with the story telling and general quest/mission/bounty structures and everything feels much less one sided. The feeling that was present at launch when you would complete ANY mission and it felt like a hollow mess was largely gone and it only returned now, with this horrible mission. I have done the raid, I've done all the story, done all the quests (except a couple pvp), gotten all the exotics known and I have enjoyed it

    So when I say it was shit, I feel as though it carries weight. For starters there is no quest, AT ALL. You literally have a new mission just appears on the Cosmodrome and it has: no voice work, no story, no context, none, literally nothing is going on and it makes NO SENSE. The mission itself is boring because of the above, it is a literal carbon copy of everything wrong with vanilla destiny missions.
    The actual item you get at the end is equally as annoying and ridiculous. IF you have puzzles in a game they need to be solveable for all players and if they are more than a little riddle it needs to be fun, this was neither. I cared so little I googled because I didn't care because again no story no context nothing I had no investment. Also why would knights spawn like this its absurd in and of itself.

    2nd mission is "solo only", enough said. What on earth for bungie??

    Once you get past this part the rest is a comical farce comparatively, it literally tells you everything you need to do, go do warsat at ABC, go do venus mission and dismantle a heavy weapon.... First of all nobody cares enough to just wait around for warsats and I can imagine 90%+ just went straight to google (Repeated use of outside sources are always super fun) and found a site that tracks the events but even then none of them are guaranteed to spawn. So this entire "mission" becomes and wait and see while I hold my dick in my hand experience on 3 separate planets that could take you 15 or 50+ minutes all down to luck.

    Your reward for all this wasted effort? HAHAHAH nothing, you get a derpy sentence from the gunsmith that says hur dur artificial time wasting mechanic (Or armsday 2.0) and nothing. Thats it, no quest again, nothing happens at all.

    I honestly feel this "Questline" was by far the worst the taken king has offered so far and so I really want to call you a proverbial "bad kid" for even writing this article. Shit I know people don't all like the same thing but this "quest" was bad, hell I like playing dynasty warriors and Bladestorm the difference is I know they are bad games. Only when someone asks about them I'm upfront about it, they are bad games you probably wont like them unless XX. While this article is basically an insulting fluff piece telling readers how awesome watching paint dry is.

    Also I couldn't make this more concise, so TL:DR Your a liar the mission was bad, you are bad for writing a fluff piece about it. Also sorry I really couldn't write this without sounding like an elitist.

    Last edited 08/10/15 7:29 pm

    Did the first bit last night but trying to do the Devils spire when the servers keep crashing is pretty hard.

    Up to the warsats before the servers all spacked out. Not too keen on patrol quests, still trying to kill the taken luitenants and champions for the other quest lines. Don't get me started on the crucible quests, not a chance in hell with my k/d ratio.

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