League Of Legends Team Rumoured To Have Been Sold For Over US$1 Million

It was always bound to happen, and the structure and nature of the League of Legends professional scene meant it was always on the radar. But reports are coming out that one team has been sold, as the result of a bidding war, for more than US$1 million.

The team sold off belonged to the English-founded organisation Team Dignitas, with sources telling The Daily Dot that an unknown party has agreed to fork out over US$1 million for the transfer. Dignitas has agreed to the transfer, having been forced into the process to remain compliant with the terms and conditions for teams competing within the LCS.

As per Riot's requirements, organisations can only have one team in the LCS across all regions. Dignitas already has a team competing at the pinnacle of League of Legends competition in North America, so when their European division qualified for the LCS they were contractually bound to let them go.

Michael O'Dell, the owner of Dignitas, announced that he was open to bids for either of his teams last month, however, but the allure of their European roster (and a 8-2 record in the summer Challenger Series split) has generated a major pay-day for Dignitas.

[The Daily Dot]


    I remember seeing awhile back Odee mentioned he had a couple bids of around the $1mil mark. I guess you get what you're paying for though. Europe is the premier LCS region at this time.

    To this very day, I don't understand how this has become a multi-million dollar business... actually any eSports for that matter. Teams getting paid millions of dollars in prices if they win, houses being purchased for the team, perks beyond what I thought could ever be possible.

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