Like Kaiju Movies? Good, Because They're Making A New Gamera

Video: And now, we get a first peek at the film with this short teaser. Godzilla is great and all, but I've always had a soft spot for Gamera. I really loved the 1990s remakes with Steven Seagal's daughter, Ayako Fujitani.

We don't get that good of a look at Gamera (you can see him a bit towards the end of the trailer).

This comes as the kaiju celebrates his 50th anniversary this month. Good to have you back, Gamera!


    Gamera is my favourite underdog.

    Everytime he fights another kaiju, he always gets the crap kicked out of him. They're always bigger, stronger, have way more abilities than him, and yet he battles them with sheer perseverance.

    Unfortunately, Godzilla has not been great for a very long time... even Heisenberg couldn't stop that recent remake from being a great steaming pile. Fan service is never enough.

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    As long as they keep the original theme tune...

      hahahahah that's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this.

      Although the translation on the version I used to see (on sbs I think?? was like fifteen years ago) was "You are Groovy Gamera, You are groovy Gamera" which is far more awesome :)

        That brings back memories. I kind of remembered their being a "funky" Gamera and was disappointed when that wasn't in the subtitles. It was a long time ago, though, back when Des Mangan used to play cult films every week. That guy introduced me to so many great films.

          oh wow yeah Des Mangan!! Had forgotten about him, he was a great presenter. Such infectious enthusiasm for the weird and wonderful films of the world.

          Such a different time now I think about it... pre you tube, pre streaming, pre p2p. SBS was a really great window to the rest of the world.

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