Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Delayed Until May

EA has announced that the much anticipated Mirror's Edge: Catalyst has been delayed until May 2016.

As you might expect no concrete reason was given for the delay. Looks like the team needs a little more time for "polish".

Years ago, we set out an ambitious vision for Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst. Achieving that vision and delivering the best possible experience is equally inspiring and challenging. And it takes time. We set out to create a vast city to explore, full of stunning vistas, majestic skyscrapers, and mysterious tunnels. We’re building the most immersive action-adventure game with fluid movement and combat in first person. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be an all-new playground with a deeper and more engaging story - and we want to accomplish all these goals to the highest quality possible.
So we’ve made the decision to bring Mirror’s Edge to the world starting May 24, 2016. We will use these few extra months to make sure that when you step into the massive City of Glass and experience the rise of Faith, it’s as entertaining, impressive, and memorable as it can be.

We've waited years for a new Mirror's Edge game. What's the harm in waiting a few months more.


The game was originally set for release in February 23, 2016. That's now been shifted back to May 24, 2016.


    I honestly have no problem waiting for them to polish this game. I feel that we have enough AAA titles coming out to hold us over until Catalyst is released (Fallout 4 will destroy all forms of social life until at least march/april anyway.) So whatever they need to do to make sure the game is up to standard is a-ok with me.

      Totally Agree! :)

      Take as long as you need, just don't announce a goddamn release date you aren't comfortable with. In fact, I don't want to even hear about your game unless the release is set in stone for less than 6 months away. Announce it later, simple as that.

      Isn't that what they did with Fallout 4? I don't really follow the franchise but I remember the announce being not that long ago.

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        Yeah that was ideal - unfortunately most games seem to burn through two E3s before they come out

          Yeah and by then nobody gives a shit anymore. Watch Dogs is a classic example. Even The Division now.

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    I'm honestly surprised EA would make a decision like this. But I guess this game wasn't targeting the xmas shopping season, so the delay probably won't make a difference to sales.

    Good to see them trying to get it right.

    February was starting to look unusually crowded, with Deus Ex and Far Cry Primal being released on the same day.

    The first Mirror's Edge went up against Call of Duty World at War on launch day, so I doubt EA would want to repeat that.

    I don't think EA would have argued very hard when DICE asked for the extension.

    More time to cull the ever-growing pile of shame.

    Oh, who am I kidding. It's alive! It will never stop getting bigger until I train it to play itself.

    secretly glad. i want to get this on release bit thanks to exams and a lack of funds the original release date would not have been good for me.

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