Nathan Fillion Is More Handsome In Halo 5

Nathan Fillion Is More Handsome In Halo 5

Video: That face you see in Halo 5 isn't quite Nathan Fillion's.

I mean, it's clearly Nathan Fillion — this talk show bit with Jimmy Kimmel explains how he was extensively modelled for the game — but it also reveals the perks of working in a digital format. You push some buttons and suddenly your jaw is a little harder, your eyes a little more resolute.


    He looks so out of place in Spartan armour. I guess, to me, he'll always be an ODST.

    Or captain of the Serenity.

    Sort of looks like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow.

    Shameless plug (make this a news topic damnit, please :-) ):

      Does it have offline play?
      NOTE: We do not want to fall into the trap of constantly adding new features to a game that never gets finished just because we crowdsource additional funds post-Kickstarter

      Love it!

      I went back to the infinity website not too long ago to see if it still existed and saw they were planning a kickstarter to try and revive it.

      I used to play the infinity combat sim alpha with a couple of people a while back (we're talking more than 5 years ago) and I absolutely loved the premise.

      There's only one other kickstarter that I've been willing to back, but i will be throwing money at this starting next week.

    Ah, Mal. You'll always be Mal to Mal.

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