Nathan Fillion Tells Us How That Great Uncharted Fan Film Happened

Nathan Fillion Tells Us How That Great Uncharted Fan Film Happened

How did Nathan Fillion wind up playing Nathan Drake in an Uncharted fan-film? And who really voiced Cayde-6 during that E3 trailer? On a bonus episode of Kotaku Splitscreen, we discuss.

Speaking on Splitscreen today to promote the excellent Uncharted fan film he put out this morning, Fillion explained that he’d met the director, Allan Unguar, through a mutual friend.

“Over Thai vegan dinner, Alan expressed his love for Uncharted — he’s obviously a passionate fan — and he had a vision,” Fillion said. “And then in May, we got together and put this thing together.”

Fillion said he’s never pitched Sony on making an Uncharted movie, but that he’s open to the idea.

“We wanted to scratch an itch — we wanted to see something, and we didn’t want to wait,” he said. “Our goal has been achieved. If something comes from this, that’s just icing on the cake.”

Fillion also confirmed something that Destiny fans had suspected — he did not play Cayde-6 during the E3 trailer in which the robotic hunter’s death was revealed. In fact, Fillion says he didn’t play Cayde-6 at all for this year’s Forsaken expansion – Nolan North did. But Fillion is one of many Destiny 2 players who doesn’t believe that Cayde-6 is actually dead.

We also talk Mal and Inara’s romance, playing Halo 5 while listening to the sound of your own voice, and why Fillion couldn’t beat Uncharted 2. You can listen to it all on your favourite podcast app or right here:

You can get the MP3 right here.

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