Nathan Fillion Made An Uncharted Fan-Film, And It’s Excellent

Nathan Fillion Made An Uncharted Fan-Film, And It’s Excellent

The official Uncharted movie may be stuck in development hell forever, but actor Nathan Fillion and his crew have made their own 15-minute cinematic tribute to the iconic action-adventure franchise. It is wonderful.

This short fan-film — which I sure hope Sony doesn’t try to take down — is just about everything you’d want from an Uncharted movie: Witty quips, fun twists, esoteric history references, and even a pivot to Video Game Mode for a gun fight.

You can check it out here:

Would you watch two hours of this? I would certainly watch two hours of this.


  • Just give these people the rights and funding to make the whole thing. I’d watch it. This is better than I expected from an Uncharted movie and it’s only 15 minutes long.

  • I feel Stephen Lang is a tad too surly and not enough wise-crack to be Sully….and I still think Emily Rose would be an awesome Elena in live action.

  • That was disappointing, because I want more! I would definitely watch 2 hours of that

  • Sony this is your deadpool moment remember what happened with that test footage. Give these people the money give these people the rights and LET THEM MAKE THE MOVIE HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT

  • Wow that was really good! The gun scenes were great. The only thing missing was a climbing scene.

    • and the gun scene needed an inexplicable amount of waist high objects to cover behind.

  • Hmm. I would’ve thought he was too old but he fitted the role pretty damn good. Agree that sully was too surly. Should make sully Bob Odenkirk. Or if he’s too young bill Murray

    • Bob Odenkirk is very distracting; I see him and say “hey, it’s Saul!” whenever he’s on anything that isn’t Saul, in which case I forget who he is.

  • Excellent indeed, and Fillion is a perfect choice for Drake!

    This totally whet my appetite for a full-blown Uncharted movie featuring this cast & crew!

  • Fillion need to practice his running style if he’s aiming for an action role. Maybe watch some Tom Cruise, that guy knows how to run in action movies 😉

    • Cruises running reminds me of someone whos running for the toilet but knows they aren’t going to make it.
      An intense sprint with a look of dread and horror.

  • That was pretty fantastic.
    We need more actors funding their own miniprojects.

  • That was… the best videogame turned into a movie I’ve seen. I loved when they did it with MK Rebirth, showing some real vision. This is the first time since I’ve thought a director had the right vision too. Give them *all* the money!

  • Good to see he lost most of the weight he gained on Castle, no Doughnut Drake for this fan film!

  • Maybe not a movie. A minimum of ten episodes for season one would work for me though.

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