Street Fighter Becomes Even More Absurd With New Mod

It's not on the same level as Marvel vs Capcom, but everything that happens during the course of a Street Fighter 4 match is already insane.

So what if everything got even crazier? That's exactly what's about to happen with Ultra Street Fighter 4 Remix 1.0, which adds some mechanics and movesets that are truly absurd.

How do you make Street Fighter more fun? If you're part of the hardcore Street Fighter crowd, maybe you re-balance a couple of the characters. Maybe you tweak the start-up or recovery frames on a few moves to give players more tools in competition.

Or maybe you throw all of that out the window and just go completely overboard. Street Fighter not hectic enough? Make the whole game faster! Annoyed about your opponents repeatedly hit-confirming combos on you? Why not give characters a tool to cancel forward and back dashes into attacks!

And while we're at it, let's throw in some ridiculously powerful supers. And super-fast animations. And you can pick the W ultra which just gives players both. "Currently W ultra just picks both, with no disadvantage, so please pick that," the developers helpfully wrote.

If it sounds a bit much, then watch the video and confirm that for yourself.

It's not all designed to be ridiculous — the visual cues on throws and the higher-damage specials and ultras will actually make the game more fun to play for casual fighters. Considering the added mechanics — new dashes, dash cancels and alpha counters — that's a nice touch, although I imagine the Remix — especially with SF5 out soon — will be limited to a very, very niche quarter of the Street Fighter fanbase.


    remix is very old (2009) and was always made by a group of people who never liked street fighter iv, a fairly boring game where the most minor changes can make it look insane.

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