The Order: 1886 Developers Are Creating A VR Game For Consoles With Oculus

The Order: 1886 Developers Are Creating A VR Game For Consoles With Oculus
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While the overall reception for The Order: 1886 wasn’t spectacular — some say it cost too much for the length of the story, some hated the way the story’s abrupt ending and the black bar “cinematic effect” is generally pretty unpopular — the wider public was happy to concede that, yes, it did look bloody nice.

Ready at Dawn are taking those skills with graphics and exploring a new frontier. And if you’re looking to push the boundaries of visuals, why not VR?

A listing on their website (thanks to a tip) shows that the studio, which was also responsible for the creative Okami on Wii and the God of War PSP titles, is hiring across a range of roles for a brand new AAA title on consoles.

“In addition, we are also in full production on a cutting edge VR experience, in partnership with Oculus.” That last part’s particularly intriguing too, because you’d typically expect Ready at Dawn to be working with Sony’s Project Morpheus given their long history of developing for PlayStation.

Open roles for the VR project include a lead level designer, FX artist, lead concept artist, lead character artist, character blendshape artist, character artist, senior concept artist, senior environment model and layout artist, regular concept artist, senior lighting artist and a more junior environment model and layout artist.

Other positions are also open at the company, although the new VR-focused IP for consoles isn’t mentioned initially so they may not be working directly or primarily on the project.


  • I was going to make a joke about if it would be like a movie as how many people explained what The Order: 1886 was and then I thought….that is a great idea. For VR anyway

  • I was intrigued by the title of this article: “…a VR Game For Consoles With Oculus”? Really? The Rift will work on consoles?
    But now I think it’s just a bad title.

    • VR on consoles won’t work… well it won’t work very well. Honestly i think it’d do more harm than good if oculus release on this generation of consoles. During oculus development they’ve found that you need a resolution of ~2160×1200, 1080×1200 for each eye, with around 90hz refresh rate to limit eye fatigue and nausea (latency from the head tracker is a large factor in nausea as well and heavily tied to framerate). Consoles simply don’t have the juice under the hood to meet those specs and if there is a VR release this generation i’d expect it to be sub par with a massive comprises to graphic fidelity or it will literally be a sickening experience.

  • *barfs at the thought of 24fps VR*

    But yeah. Is it a Rift title or is it a console title? If it’s console then it would have to be on Morpheus instead of Rift but if they’re partnering with Oculus then it’s most likely a Rift-exclusive deal, right? Which means no consoles.

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