YouPorn Wants To Get Into Counter-Strike

The fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive removed the ability to spray Playboy posters and other lurid images on the walls of de_dust2 was one of the game's more unpopular changes. If you're one of those people, then I have some good news.

Before, it was the players who had to bring the porn to Counter-Strike. Now the porn wants to get in the game directly.

It's TeamYP, which is short for, you guessed it, YouPorn. You'll have to look hard for any direct mentions or links back to the site — understandably, given what the redirect goes to — but the eSports wing of the popular porn hub was founded late last year when they picked up a Spanish Dota 2 squad.

They've since expanded heavily into the fighting game scene and, weirdly, Evolve. Why on earth anyone is sponsoring teams for a game that has around 500 average players a month on Steam is beyond me, but it wouldn't be the first time sponsors have been a bit naive upon making their entry into eSports.

YouPorn's been searching for a new CS:GO team for a while, albeit to no avail. That hasn't stopped the organisation from making a renewed push over Twitter in an attempt to pick up anyone in the wilderness though.

It's understandable why teams have stayed away from YouPorn so far. Apart from the risque association, some of the organisation's public communications appear a little un-organised. Their initial recruitment, for instance, mentioned that their Dota 2 team would be "competing for the crown in the ever popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2".

Dota 2 isn't a mod for anything these days, but apparently the comms team at YP weren't up to date on that. A call-out earlier this year was also pretty direct: "our efforts are focused mostly on MOBA teams", the site read, but they tried to encourage everyone else in eSports to apply anyway. The listing also said that players would receive monetary assistance, but not an actual salary or regular income.

YouPorn hasn't specifically said they wouldn't consider Australian teams, but given that they don't seem to have anyone else so you might as well give it a crack. I don't know how impressed Riot or Blizzard would be, but it might be worth it just for a laugh.


    Getting flashbanged in CS will take on a whole new meaning...

      I don't want to say you win because it's a bit early but DAMN what an opener

    It's come full circle - i used to play CEVOP for Team Qlimax back in the day.

    They tried the same with Dota, team was an epic fail. This is just a publicity stunt, free advertising.

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