Japanese Voice Actress Miyu Matsuki Has Passed Away

Japanese Voice Actress Miyu Matsuki Has Passed Away

Briefly: Anime and video game voice actress and singer Miyu Matsuki passed away on October 27 at the age of 38 following an extended battle with pneumonia. The beloved actress leaves behind a massive body of anime and game work, including the Japanese voice of Lailah in Tales of Zestiria.


  • Lailah isn’t all that great a character anyway, but I am only a few hours into Zestiria so I haven’t seen beyond Ladylake.

    Gotta say great move by Bamco to include the original language as well as the English for the Western release. Tales feels more authentic with Japanese voices.

  • How does anyone even die from pneumonia? Lived alone and didn’t cook warm spicy food? 38? Midlife crisis suicide by pneumonia. Stupid.

    • Pneumonia isn’t just caught from being cold… it often occurs in people that are struggling with other chronic illnesses or who have weak immune systems. About 4 million people die to it per year; that’s nearly ten times as many deaths compared to the flu.

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