Cool Dad Puts His Kid In Command Of Cardboard MechWarrior

Cool Dad Puts His Kid In Command Of Cardboard MechWarrior

The tiny baby has no idea his cardboard BattleMech would be the deadliest costume in the playground, while his dad — hidden behind the giant guns, holding the kiddo at his chest — is having the time of his life.

Good job and good sound effects!


    Top notch work, and I could picture the confusion rocking up to a comic-con or similar with just the kid visible, like the dog driving the car.

    On a completely separate and infinitely more important note, da fuq is wrong with people, they do realise that there is nothing physically stopping them from rotating their phone 90 degrees to take footage at a sensible aspect right? Last I checked, there isn't a gyroscope hidden inside a phone. /endrant

      On the last couple of versions of Android, whenever you put it from still into video mode, an circular arrow overlays on the screen telling you to rotate.

      The suit is taller than it is wide, they DID take the footage at a sensible aspect.

      The problem is youtube solely providing a landscape player for no absolutely good reason.

    Now all he needs is jump jets, a working PPC (or a milk cannon), a top speed of 86.4 km/h, and he'll be dad of the year

    this reminds me of the guys over at Cardboard Box Office. Always good for a laugh :p

    Cool dad, lame mum.

    "Don't put your hands on the dirty cardboard, it's been on the ground"

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