Don’t Run Into The Millennium Falcon If You’re Playing Star Wars: Battlefront

Don’t Run Into The Millennium Falcon If You’re Playing Star Wars: Battlefront

Unless you really, really like dying a lot.

It’s not my favourite of the modes I’ve played so far, but there will undoubtedly be a good deal of people attracted to the Fighter Squadron mode in Star Wars: Battlefront. After all, it’ll be one of the only ways you can guarantee you’ll be able to get into the game’s various aircraft, as everyone spawns in one.

But what’s less fun is if someone happens to pick up the Millennium Falcon. Like other craft, it’s equipped with a shield that makes it invulnerable to all incoming fire and damage until the effect wears off.

That damage happens to include Slave 1. As in, you can run head first into Slave 1 and blow it up instantly thanks to the shield. Or pop the shield and watch Slave 1 blow up if it runs into you. Either works.

This little issue certainly isn’t going to make me enjoy Fighter Squadron any more and it’s worth remembering for those playing Walker Assault and Supremacy, since you get the same benefit from the fighters that have the shields there.

Of course, you can’t run head first into an AT-AT with an X-Wing just because you’ve popped a shield. And you can’t charge into a troop transport in Fighter Squadron with the same trick. But it’s pretty bloody good for taking out everyone else on the other team, and it’s not liable to be any less broken when you fire up the game tomorrow or later this week.


    • What a stupid comment. This is in no way intended or even in the same realm as a flight sim….. its a star wars game, to make you feel like your in a stars wars film. go find the X Flight 10 thread, your in the wrong place.

  • It’s kinda funny, cos in the table top X-wing game, the fact that the Millennium Falcon has heaps of shields and can turtle up to shoot 360 degrees, is also the subject of much debate and controversy.

  • Is it just me or was the opposing team rubbish? I haven’t played this mode yet…it may be harder than I think…but those were less than your average stormtroopers flying those fighters…

  • I’m so glad there’s at least an explanation for this. I got the Slave 1 three times and I was lasting 15 seconds before I would get rammed by the Millennium Falcon and explode while he flies away with no damage. I was getting so mad but at least this bullshit is known.

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