Fallout 4's Launch Trailer Is A Little Bit Weird

I'm excited about Fallout 4, and I'm sure it's going to be great. But today Bethesda released its launch trailer for the game and it's a little bit... weird?

Launch trailers are launch trailers and I suspect the goal with this one is to hit mainstream audiences, but I feel as though this game really misses what makes Fallout interesting — the world, the universe, the scale. Instead it focuses on the game's story and it makes the game seem a little bit generic. Very strange.

And the voice acting just feels a bit off here, which is fine with the game itself because I intend to be exploring and engaging with the main quest when the moment takes me, but in the trailer it doesn't really work. I'm having a hard time putting my finger on it, I guess I just don't feel like it does a great job of explaining what Fallout 4 is.

I could be alone here. I'm probably alone here.

In its defence, it's probably an attempt to communicate the extra effort Bethesda has put into giving Fallout 4 a more focused main quest, which I think is a good thing. But in this trailer format it just falls a little flat in my opinion.


    It's odd because you have said it felt flat (I assume you like or love the franchise) and those over at NMA that despise anything created by Bethesda have not been nearly as critical of this trailer.

    Anyway I digress the trailer is fine. Have seen aspects of the world in the previous trailer so it is interesting to see what the story will be.

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      I was gonna say the same thing. This trailer actually makes me more excited (and I haven't been that excited...). It shows off some cool locations, show some characters and the story, shows the building mechanic, shows combat. Makes it look more like an actual story driven experience rather than the "you are some guy in a wasteland" that all the other media has been.

      Also showed the female version for the first time? Not sure but I think this wraps up what this is gonna be in a nice little trailer. Looking forward to it.

        Yea I think its great, raises a lot of questions makes me pumped to get in game and find some more information.

    Was great, but I may be alone in thinking that.

    I thought that trailer was alright actually. Sorry Mark, looks like you're alone.

    Seriously though, I think it's interesting. I do get that it doesn't highlight what makes Fallout Fallout, and if you took the visuals away and played the audio, you could be listening to a trailer for Assassins Creed or Uncharted or something. But as trailers go, I don't think there's anything "off" about it.

      Yeah it does look like I'm alone!

        I agree that the trailer was pretty meh, or at the very least rather flat, compared to what we've come to expect from Bethesda.

        But that being said,

        FALL OUT 4! TAKE MY MONEY *throws bottle caps at screen*

        I don't think you are alone.

        I think because it's a step away from the norm of the Fallout/Elder Scrolls trailers we are used to and I agree that it suddenly feels like the dramatic templates we see for many other games.

        Maybe it's the not so common reminder of Bethesda that a linear experience does exist in the game if you want it to, invoking a conflict in the experience of freedom we are so used to and crave from the games.

        I'm a bit on the fence... I think the biggest thing wrong with it is the music.

        That being said, it is a marketing trailer designed to get the uninitiated to buy, not for those who have had a pre-order since it was first available and have taken 2 weeks off work for this.

    You're not alone mate. I felt a little "meh" about it and I've had a countdown timer on on my phone for months for this game and I'm taking two days off work for it.

    I'm sure it'll be everything I wanted but yeah the trailer didn't hit the mark for me.

    Sorry, Mark. That was fantastic. Watched it twice. Bring on Tuesday.

    You're not alone Mark, plenty of people are worried.

    If the goosebumps on my arms are any indication...I think it was pretty damn good. Now to close my eyes and sleep until Tuesday. Or pickup COD to occupy me until then...hmm, undecided.

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    50/50 for me. Seen worse trailers, but have definitely seen better. I think the problem is it's hard to translate the fun parts of the action from a fallout game without actually playing it. That visceral moment when you take a super mutant's head clean off their shoulders right before they pound you into the dirt... So satisfying :D

    I agree, the writing was and voice acting was a little melodramatic, even flat at times. Fallouts writing and voice acting usually has a lot more character and humor. I'm holding onto the fact that it is a launch trailer and it's appealing to the masses, so craft is not really priority here.

    I liked it but not the content so much but for starting it and ending it with a female pc

      I noticed that too! I thought it was awesome!

        Me too! If only the next trailer will include two male characters holding hands!

      I was pretty stoked at that, but also a little apprehensive. To me, 'come on boy' from the femshep ahem... the female PC wasn't as nuanced or natural as the male version from the other trailer. Maybe I'm reading too much into it or expecting too much, but I'm really hoping that female VA is a high-quality (if not the best) version, much like as in Mass Effect.

        should be fine as the VAS for the female PC is apprently Jack from Mass Effect 2 and 3

          Oh nice. That sounds more promising, at least. Jack came across a little forced most of the time in 2 ("I am a one-note character, so let's bang the hell out of that note!"), but I thought she really found her feet in 3.

          ...I have the sudden urge to create Jack as the Vault Dweller.

    Are you kidding? What were you expecting with a story centric trailer? They're not going to give the entire plot away in a trailer.... Let me guess, you thought the trailer for Amazing SpiderMan 3 was great because it gave away the whole movie? Get outta here.

    you are not alone, it felt flat to me, some part of me thinks the game hasnt taken enough of a leap for the time passed. the god awful kill cams from 3 still make the game feel stupid.

    i am sure once i am playing i will love but for the moment i feel like i have seen it all before.

    maybe its to do with how amazing the Witcher trailers, everything since seems weak

      I love the kill-cams! Spending the whole time just running-and-gunning lacks impact, and the kill cams were often a really great way to show off your character in the context of the rest of the battlefield, and actually makes there some kind of point to changing your appearance beyond the occasional moment of bored camera-spinning while stationary.

    I think if you have never played a Fallout game before you might find this a little meh, but I boarded the hype tram long ago and there's no getting off now.

      Hahaha, you have to be a Melbourne boy to say "Hype Tram" instead of "Hype Train".

    I was surprised to see the main trailer being a lot more story focused, arguably there's more about the story in that 3 minutes than we've gotten in the last 5 months. I think in conjunction with everything that's been seen before though, we've seen the gameplay, the improved shooting mechanics, the only thing they've really not touched on was the story. I feel like the trailer was missing Ron Perlman though, but I can see why they'd prefer to highlight the voice actors

      I noticed that too as soon as she said "War never changes"

      Hey!! You don't get to say that!! Ron?! ROOOON?!?

      Yeah I think they are going for a whole experience type of launch trailer. Heres a jist of the dramatic story, heres some examples of the characters, heres some combat, heres some building mechanics, heres some other stuff.

      It kinda wraps it all up in one trailer, as close to the launch as possible to get as wide an audience as possible interested I guess.

      I like the trailer; its made me probably a bit more excited than the other media has.

    For me, a Fallout trailer doesn't really hit that home nostalgia point unless it's got some music frozen in time from the pre-war era, like the Ink Spots "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire". So I think that's why this trailer wasn't really getting my Jimmies rustling :(

      I think you nail it there. The music is wrong. Fallout feels different, and a big part of that is the fantastic score the games have. This trailer missed that point entirely.

        Hmmm, maybe... the rest of the score is pretty important though. Just think of the FO3 trailer and how the music changes to that highly recognizable and forbidding modern take as the camera shows the BoS soldier. When I think back to Fallout 2's music, I don't just think of A Kiss to Build a Dream On, I think of the fast-travel map screen, the mournful, haunting echoes of the wastes and caves and bombed-to-fuck ruined towns.

    I don't see why it's wired. It got my even more pumped for it.

    That was awesome :)
    I've been watching the vids they've released in the past- and they seemed more like snippets or tech demos for particular mechanics without showing too much.
    This tied it all together and actually revealed a little bit of the plot.
    Glad they did this now, not 6 months ago.
    As far as I'm concerned- this one generates excitement for the fans, and for the would be fans whets their appetite for good story telling :)

    Is it just me or is Fallout 4 a lot more colourful then previous Fallout games?

      Yeah, in fallout 3 & NV they applied a filter to the game which gave it all a green tint (to represent the radiation in the land)...this time they've left it out...which makes sense given radiation isn't visible to the eye (or at least that's my understanding).

        I love playing Fallout 3 in particular with the Imaginator mod to change around the contrast. It's so refreshing to run around the Capitol Wasteland surrounded by bright vivid colours

          I actually haven't tried that mod...might check it out this weekend :)

        I thought they did that because they worked with limited colour to best show a wasteland but wanted to maximise the shades as much as possible.
        Green is the colour we can see the most shades of and it allowed for the best detail in darker areas

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          Very possible...I don't have any evidence to suggest otherwise...it's a much cooler reason than what I've put forward though!

    The trailer made it look like a FPS, it would have been more suited to the Metro series.
    I found it interesting as it game some idea of the story and plot but missed so much of the charm of fallout. I think that was the problem, there was no charm. Was all super serious war speeches and big gun pew pew.

    I agree it's pretty dull, ran about 1 minute longer than It needed to and didn't show anything we hadn't already seen. Its a trailer wanting to be a cinematic trailer but falling over it's gameplay feet.

    Disagree all that stuff has been covered in all the other trailers, was great to finally see NPCs talking

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